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All the time through this process people have been telling me how good I look! Amazingly, it is true. Even when I feel like my skin is green and blotchy! I feel it is the process of burning away some of the old dross and letting more of the light out. The light that wants to come out and is hidden by my doubts and fears. Often I feel like there is a neon green flowing running through my body glowing out through my skin. It feels horrible sometimes and other times is like a a revolving brush cleaning out my “drains!” Yesterday was one of the horrible times. However, this morning, Thursday ………………I am better, though I was not able to put together a radio show for today, and am resting for the day. Friday seems like another rest day to recover from the horrible part!

So there is one more treatment to go!

I just watched Amelia the movie about Amelia Earhart. She saw horizons as a reason for living…And those horizons stretch out before me full of all of you and all of me. Connected. She flew because she needed to …for her. I keep my eye on the horizons because the intrigue of what is on the other side …curiosity keeps me engaged. I realize that one of my horizons is the state of bardo ….what happens when our physical body is done? What is on the other side?

Amelia loved, she loved living, and she followed her horizon.

I have spent alot of time on the outer horizons….and now am considering my interior horizons ……….they are much more challenging somehow. Wonder why that is? A nonsense question since I am here and that’s all there is to it!

Our connection gives me context for it all …………………………………………and that is like the great horizon!

Over and out