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Radio shows “Reiki – Balancing Form and Essence”

Between 2007 and 2015 Phyllis Furumoto produced about 340 radio shows. She interviewed people of interest in the Reiki world, or just shared what was happening in her life.

Phyllis Furumoto: In my travels through the world of Reiki, I meet many people. All of them have great stories, profound insights given through their practice with Reiki, and inspiring experiences. It is my joy to be able to share these with you through these interviews. I am grateful for the willingness of these students of Reiki to share with you a glimpse of their Reiki path.

These original archival interviews are recorded between 2007 and 2015.

Year 2008

3 January 2008 – Phyllis Furumoto

Phyllis will be speaking about her “New Year’s Resolutions” and her theme for the year of 2008, the year of the Rat! (The Chinese New Year is February 2, 2008!) The year of the Rat is also associated with the element of Earth, the qualities of diligence, renewal, and persistent forward motion. This is also in numerology a “10” year which is also a “1” year….and therefore a year of Beginnings. I am going to have several guests from around the world call in to talk for a few minutes about their resolutions…specifically about their reiki practice. Call in if you have one to share or you would like to be witnessed by those listening! The number is 1-866-472-5794. May your New Year be filled with sight to see the blessings bestowed!

10 January 2008 – Inger Droog

Inger Droog was initiated as a Reiki master by Wanja Twan. She traveled directly to the Netherlands to bring the practice to her home country in 1984. She was asked to come to Belgium in 1985. During this time, Reiki was virtually unknown in Europe and barely known in the United States and Canada. The years have gone by, and as with all of the long time student of Reiki, Inger has been through many phases of her practice and her understanding of “what is Reiki?” Join us for an in depth conversation with a dedicated Master from the times when Hawayo Takata was the only known Reiki Master. Times have changed!

17 January 2008 – Lucia Maria De La Luz Diaz Fernandez

A German man took one of the first classes that Brigitte Mueller organized for Mary McFayden. His name was Saman Jürgen Drescher. After becoming a master himself, he was lead to Chile and Luz was in his class! One of the marvelous things to observe is the flow that has guided the practice of Reiki around the world. One of many dedicated students from these early days of Reiki in Chile, Luz has taught in many of the Latin American countries and will share with us her impressions of Reiki, the differences (if any) in how this distinct culture has taken the practice of Reiki for its own. She has also shared her gift for interpretation within the community. Is this a part of her practice of Reiki? How has it affected her personal practice? Did she discover the spiritual aspects of the practice and how does she express this in her life? Listen in for these questions ….and for where ever the flow of Reiki takes us!

24 January 2008 – Brigitte Mueller

Brigitte’s story is one of “magical circumstance” or “there are no accidents!” She was ready to receive Reiki when she met, by chance, Mary Mc Fayden, in California shortly after Mary received her mastership from Hawayo Takata. Brigitte went home to Frankfurt, Germany, and began her long and dedicated practice. Reiki had come to Germany! Brigitte began her practice by treating herself and others, inviting Mary to come and teach, organizing the classes and serving as her Interpreter. In two years, she was initiated as a master herself and began her teaching practice which continues until today. As with many masters, she acknowledges Reiki as Divine Love and this has filled her life with angelic presence. She is devoted to her canine companions, Reiki, and angels.

31 January 2008 – Lynette Kirkman

Lynette Kirkman came to Reiki in 1985 by Marta Getty who was teaching in Australia. She was initiated as a Master in 1989 by Marta. In her years of practicing Reiki, she has maintained a strong public practice and has played a key role in establishing Reiki Australia, a national organization which has initiated the move towards establishing national standards in Australia for practitioners sharing Reiki in public healthcare and community settings. Ten years ago her personal Reiki practice led to a move from her initial form of practice to another form. This shift in her Reiki life has been done clearly and with great thought. Her shift brings up some questions, “Are all Reiki forms of practice alike? Do they go to the same place inside the student? How to know what is a whim or resistance and what is a calling? Was this a spiritual decision or calling?” Listen in to Lynette’s candid and thoughtful responses. Visit website

7 February 2008 – Rick Bockner

The first time I met Rick was when he came to see Hawayo Takata in a house in the woods of British Columbia, Canada. He wanted to take First Degree, which he did with a friend of his who accompanied him. They are both superb guitarists and played together…..putting my grandmother to sleep each night as I gave her a Reiki treatment. He has since been initiated as a master by Hawayo Takata, raised two daughters, and emerged into the global community at a time when his simple, appreciation for “all living things spirituality” voice was needed. His sharing of his practice, his impressions of his master, and his music all weave a rich and lasting impression.

14 February 2008 – Olivia Salazar

Olivia Salazar is a dynamic force in her community. She began her life in California and decided at the age ot 14 to become a nun in order to work in what was then India. She spent over 21 years in East Pakistan/Bangladesh and 5 other Southeast Asian countries. She was involved mainly with people in “poor villages”, assisting them to find their own way into to self sufficiency. She moved from Bangladesh and left the religious order, making her way to Germany where she found Reiki. Upon learning Reiki she began a dedicated public practice with her passion for people. Most of her clients are seriously ill and ofte she accompanies them through serious surgical procedures. Many of these clients learn Reiki with her and they encourage their familiy members to do so as well. From my perspective, she has been able to integrate a full life of practical spirituality that is inspiring as well as healing.

21 February 2008 – Roger “Raj” Elsinger

I asked Roger to come on the show and speak of his experience of Spirituality. His lifetime has been full of adventures. Here are some of his words: “…one of my earliest memories, from about the age of five in a very real sense, says it all: ‘…. I walked down the sloping Dakota farm barnyard, kicking dried cow turds and saying out loud to myself ‘Why do things have to BE this way?’ That question propelled me through ten years of Catholic seminary, five years of parish work as a priest, a year as a bush pilot for missionaries among the Tarahumara in Northern Mexico, as well as years of practice centered on revivals of Hindu, Buddhist, theosophical cosmologies. However, my real “training” in what I now see as “spirituality” has come from the determined presence of three wonderful women in my life!” We are going to explore his passion of his path that went from a polarized view of the world to one of intimate integration. Stay tuned!

28 February 2008 – Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell met Hawayo Takata and Reiki in the San Francisco Bay area where he was living in the late 1970’s. He was catapulted into Reiki Mastery in 1979 and has been a committed master in the global community since this time. Paul and I have worked together in many different seminars and in the various ways of serving the world wide Reiki community. He and I have engaged in a spirited conversation about what a spiritual practice should be, what is the meaning of the word spiritual and does this apply to this practice of Reiki, and many other defining questions. This is an opportunity for the both of us to share this conversation with the listeners…as I am sure we cover many of the questions that you have also!

6 March 2008 – Jean Ferris

Spiritual practice is a multi-faceted subject. Jean brings to this subject many of these facets all in one! Her life has been steeped in studying with renown teachers of various Spiritual paths. Siddha Yoga and Reiki came into her life in 1985 in Hawaii and has created a foundation that supports her and inspires others around her. She has over 40 years of combined clinical practice as a physical therapist and as a Reiki practitioner. I find her way of being is a vehicle for an in depth study of spirit and spiritual practices. Her spiritual journey allows her to sit in the place of witness in treatment and mastery. We have the chance to listen to her this week as well as in the coming months when the theme of the interviews turns to “Hands-on Treatment, the Form and the Practice.”

13 March 2008 – Roger Weston

Roger has been actively practicing Reiki since he took the level 1 class in 1991, in his home city of Perth, Australia. As he proceeded through the levels of initiation, he and I came into contact when I was visiting and teaching in Perth. We had some lively discussions about Reiki, the connection of money and spirituality, and his devotional study with Sai Baba. Over the years, Roger has deeply explored his path as a master and has been instrumental in setting up teaching standards in Western Australia. He is a founding member of Reiki Association Inc., a West Australian based, professional organization actively promoting excellence in Reiki practice as well as the Reiki Practitioners’ Council of Western Australia founded to develop cooperation between Reiki groups in West Australia. His life path has been full of adventures that now he is putting to use in his community. An articulate speaker….we had a great time recording this interview.

20 March 2008 – Junko Lowry

Reiki has entered people’s lives in the right moment to ignite the spiritual journey or to enrich the spiritual life of others. Junko Lowry found Reiki in 2000. These are her words, “The meditation practice is one that occurs from inside out. Reiki has the opposite flow – outside in, then out if we are treating others. I was initiated in Reiki precisely because of this outgoing flow. I was born a healer, but I used to get sick, even when I hugged a needy person. To make sure nothing enters me, I chose reiki as a healing practice. Reiki is also a spiritual practice. Its fundamental understanding is that “I’m not doing it.” This concept of “non- doership”, I believe, is what makes reiki a spiritual practice. It requires that we relinguish “control” and trust in the higher power to do the healing work.” Even though she was born in a Zen temple in Japan, Junko is not a Buddhist. She now walks the path of Siddha Yoga Meditation as well as her journey in Reiki.

27 March 2008 – Chizue Rosemary Goto

In finding students to interview with the topic of Spirituality in Reiki, I am lead back to Hawaii and the new generation of Reiki Students there. Rosemary Goto is one of these long time Reiki students and her family is one of many who have a three generation history with Reiki as we know it. Here is a part of her story: ” I am Japanese who grew up in Hawaii and I am a Buddhist ministers daughter. However, for me, my Buddhist “spiritual path”, has not been something I consciously chose to do, but rather just a way of living. Reiki has been also a way of living as it came naturally into my life. My father was open to it and encouraged many family members to be trained. Alan’s (my husband) parents were taught by Hawayo Takata in their home in the early 1950’s. Today, my sons are 3rd generation reiki users!”

3 April 2008 – Phyllis Furumoto

During the last three months, the theme has been “Is Reiki a spiritual practice?” During the shows, there have been great differences of personal ideas and what a spiritual practice is. The common thread is that the essence of our being human is spirit. This part of us often guides us without our knowing it. Now after practicing Reiki, this guidance is often noticeable and because of this, gratitude can be expressed. The experience of giving and receiving Reiki treatments, the experience of being initiated, and the shifts of consciousness resulting from living a “Reiki Life” feel supportive of this essential part of us that we call spirit. Many questions that have been raised during the shows which has given Phyllis some food for thought! Phyllis will be on the show live for any questions that come in by phone and email as well as introducing the next theme of the shows which is “Specific Application of Reiki Treatments.”

10 April 2008 – Tim Link

In 2004, Tim Link’s life took a turn he did not expect! He went to an animal communications workshop and discovered that he has a gift. A few years later a chance to learn Reiki and apply the treatment process to his gift of animal communication was presented. He took this chance and has developed a busy practice of treating animals and the animal’s owner(s) as well. Tim is excited to share his experiences with treating animals and their human companions as well as talking about the gifts that he has received while doing his work. Visit website

17 April 2008 – Holly Biggar

Born with a love for children, Holly’s life has been guided into working with Special Needs Children, providing a home environment for children and youth living with autism, and being a Reiki care giver for pregnant women as well as during birth. Her long time Reiki practice in the mountain communities of eastern British Columbia, Canada, provides support for her practical way of being with Reiki. I find her ability to be with people in delicate situations inspiring.

24 April 2008 – Penny Devine

Penny came to Reiki through a calling in 1981. This was to be a life changing decision. Over the years, she has stayed in her community teaching and practicing Reiki. She has seen the shift from Reiki being an unknown word and an unknown treatment to Reiki as a common word in the health care fields. Penny was asked by a multi-disciplinary hospice program to become a part of the staff as a Reiki Practitioner. In the last three years, this work has given her another level of understanding and awe of the work of Reiki in situations that are often fraught with uncertainty and misunderstanding. Not only is Penny treated with respect and openness within the hospice program but also in the staff meetings for the benefit of the patient’s care. We applaud the hospice for their pioneering work and Penny in her work as a dedicated public practitioner.

1 May 2008 – Jean Ferris

Jean’s deep experience of Reiki that compliments her gifts of 40+ years as a clinician, therapeutically as well as a Reiki practitioner has made it possible for her to be on the show twice! This time she is sharing her understanding of Reiki as a treatment practice and her experiences in treating those who come to her. I have not much else to say except that this will be an exceptional conversation regarding treatments and “what we are not doing” as well as “what we are doing!”

8 May 2008 – Elizabeth Lyden

Liz (as she is known by all!) Lyden has been involved in the health care field for many years, beginning with her study of therapeutic massage and naturopathy. She is a Master Herbalist as well as Reiki Master. Within her expression of service to people, she has found herself in South Africa assisting in the development of a UK based charitable health care project in one of the unofficial townships outside of Johannesburg. This endeavor has put her into different kinds of challenging situations. Falling back into her faith of humans and her trust in her life path, Liz meets these challenges with an open heart and her quick mind. The dignity of humankind is evident in the stories and experiences she has within her now. It is a good way to assess what it would take for us to go into this situation and prepare ourselves for service “in the field” if this is what calls us.

15 May 2008 – Jane McCabe

A caregiver from her childhood, Jane has found a great combination for her life of service, nursing and Reiki. More specifically, she is working as a consultant in a Veteran’s Hospital and assists patients in planning their own program of healing in palliative care. Along with this work, she is asked to share Reiki with patients. She shares with us stories of peace, the struggle of the medical community to serve the veterans, and the gifts she has received through these experiences. War and the military personnel are often abstract conversations that occur in our social engagements. Jane brings the focus to the personal and to the needs of the veterans to regain their equilibrium as human beings, as family members, and as members of a society that sometimes questions the validity of their service.

22 May 2008 – Nellie Breed

A courageous woman is Nellie Breed! She has been drawn to Reiki and to a path of healing from within her compassionate heart. Listen to her stories of how she came to Reiki and how she participated in the program to introduce Reiki to Bosnian civilians who were displaced and wounded in many ways by the war. Nellie was a little shy and unsure about her English during the interview and, most importantly, what comes across for me is her heart, her passion, and her willingness to remain open even in conditions that were very painful. The program she participated in, “Reiki Worldwide,” is still accepting Reiki students who wish to have these experiences for themselves and to serve “hands-on!” Visit website

29 May 2008 – Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson was born with a moderate case of cerebral palsy that effects her balance, gait, visual perception and hand-eye coordination. After finding Reiki, she started pushing her physical boundaries. In quick succession she took up downhill skiing, water skiing and sailing. She fondly remembers her first day on the ski hill. Once I felt the wind against my face a vast explosion of joy erupted within me. Never before had I felt such freedom! In that life defining moment I saw my body as cap-able rather than dis- abled. Nothing has been quite the same since! When she felt this freedom within her body she began to see the world and herself through different eyes. Now she questions many of the critical assumptions she used to hold as true. “Now that I have touched this freedom I wonder what else might be possible. My practice of Reiki gently melts away the false perceptions and shows the truth.”

5 June 2008 – James French

While treating a horse with Reiki, James discovered the ability to communicate with him! This ability became more apparent and profound as he continued his path in Reiki. In his work today, he uses Reiki to open and develop this sharing between people and animals. His partner, Shelley, and James have developed over the last 5 years workshops that allow people to discover and nurture this gift for themselves. This has resulted in the creation of a recognized standard for the UK through the program from beginner to an insured practitioner level. The practice of Reiki is for all living things. Immersed in training horses and having close animal relationships, it was a natural step for him to use Reiki as a means to heal animals, their owners, and the relationships that are as close as any human wishes to it to be. Visit website

12 June 2008 – Chelsea Van Koughnett

Chelsea and Ken were married in 1978 and soon after were students in the last Reiki classes that Hawayo Takata taught. This was in the mountains of eastern British Columbia, Canada. In 1995, after 20 years of hang gliding, Ken crashed his glider and sustained a severe brain injury. He woke from coma to the reality of needing to learn everything again, including how to eat, walk, and communicate. With endless Reiki treatments, both hands on and distant, Chelsea and Ken experienced the power of their deep trust in Reiki and the support of the Reiki community. This is a story of steadfast love and the trust that healing comes in many ways.

19 June 2008 – Eileen Chapman

Eileen came to Reiki in 1990 and soon found herself serving people with drug and alcohol abuse issues. In 1992 she founded the Reiki clinic at the Windana Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal and Assessment Centre. Although she withdrew from hands on involvement three years ago, she maintains an overview of the clinics operation. Through the years, she has gained extensive knowledge of how Reiki works in these delicate and fragile human situations. She will be able to share with us advice about using Reiki for these situations, the lessons learned, the gifts she has received while working there, and her own brand of quiet compassion and optimism. The clinic experience formed the basis of two co-authored conference papers on using Reiki in the context of drug and alcohol withdrawal and rehabilitation and also contributed to the development of competencies for the professional practice of Reiki in Australia.

26 June 2008 – Kathy Harmony Gaston

Living in Denver, Colorado, Kathy has had several “Reiki miracles” in her life. Her grandson, Malachi, is also “living proof” that Reiki works. The key ingredients that go along with these miracles are her willingness to try something different without fear, to be firm with her medical advisors without being competitive, and a way of going forward with trust and without limitations as to “what could happen”. In addition, there is always the question of their own life paths and what was meant to happen as both Kathy and Malachi met their challenges. Not meant to set up expectations, but an interview to inspire and renew our ability to see the possibilities and not the limitations.

3 July 2008 – John Cass and Kristin Bonney

A new theme is introduced to the show by Phyllis, John Cass, and Kristin Bonney. Their conversation centers around the definition of the word, mystic, and the connotations that people have about this word.

10 July 2008 – Phyllis Furumoto

On July 3, a new theme was introduced to the show by Phyllis, John Cass, and Kristin Bonney. Their conversation centered around the definition of the word, mystic, and the connotations that people have about this word. A week later, Phyllis will speak about her experience of mystic and her understanding at this time. She believes that Mystic Order is the next step of the Reiki community and at this time, all conversations are theorical as we do not have clear manifestation of this quality within our communities. most all students have had mystic experiences but how are these collated into a quality of being? Or this only our fantasy that the experience of being one is all “in our minds.” Phyllis invites listeners to call in and share your opinion and experience.

17 July 2008 – Kandy Brandt

A lover of human beings and being human, Kandy embraced the practice of Reiki early in the 1980’s. Her path took her to teaching in Germany and then to her beloved Russia. She lived in Russia for about 6 years, teaching and mentoring the Reiki community there. Having moved back to the United States, she has been seeking a way to express her understanding and compassion for the human experience. She originally came to Reiki seeking mystic experience, and continues to deepen and expand that experience through long time Reiki practice and personal openess to the mystery of life!

24 July 2008 – Jojan Jonker

A declared mystic himself, Jojan has been deeply moved by this aspect in his practice of Reiki He is now engaged in a master’s course in Interreligious Spirituality at the Radboud University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. He is planning on writing his thesis on the theme of “The Relationship of Mystic and Reiki.” His passion for exploring this aspect of his life experiences and the potential for these experiences in the practice of Reiki has made him a true explorer of this intriguing aspect. Is he searching for the answers? the explanations? the source of mystery? We will find out in this interview with Jojan. What is it we all seek? What is it that we find? We can only answer these questions for ourselves. Visit website

31 July 2008 – Jojan Jonker

Second Session! Last week we had a good discussion from an academic point of view about the descriptions (not definitions) of concepts from the following questions: What is spirituality without the context of theology, philosophy, and psychology? What is mystic? What is belief? and What is Religion? I appreciated the framework that he offered as I try to catalogue my own experiences I call mystic. Fueled by this discussion, Jojan is coming back for a second session to go a bit deeper into the connection with the practice of Reiki. He has many things he would like to impart and there is a short hour in which to do it. I have some questions for him also! And I look forward to the next session with Jojan, a scholar and explorer! Visit website

7 August 2008 – Elaine Andres

Mystic experiences are not always what they seem. During the last few shows, you have heard stories and definitions from a few different people and perhaps these have stretched the possibilities of what “myst c experiences” are for you. Elaine’s perspective comes from her long time affiliation with Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) church as an ordained minister as well as her 28 years of Reiki practice. Presently she is supporting spiritual awakening in people through her work as a Spiritual Director. Do people inherently seek spiritual sustenance? Are mystic experiences a part of this nurturing? Do people have mystic experiences spontaneously? Does Reiki promote these experiences by its very nature? Does she consider her practice and her Reiki community a mystic order? These are questions for all of us. Join us to hear what Elaine has to share.

14 August 2008 – Timothy Cunninghamm

Psychology began with a desire to be an empirical science. The trend has moved to humanistic psychology, acknowledging that we are human, to transpersonal psychology which included the possibility of a human soul. Now the movement is that we have not only a soul but that we are connected at some elemental level….we are one. As family, we have an energetic unit that has the dimension of time; the past, the present, and future. As individuals we are the next step in the generational evolution of our family. Timothy Cunninghamm has studied this way of seeing and being with our family entity and has experienced without a doubt, healing in the family as patterns are shifted in one member, so the whole entity shifts. Is this mystic or simply the obvious result of the law of “for every action there is a reaction?”

21 August 2008 – Sadhu Veronica Kravtsova (Ma Prem Sadhu)

As a person seeking to nourish her spirit, Sadhu discovered a group of underground seekers in Moscow, Russia, in her early 20’s and eventually found her way to India and the ashram of Osho. Here she met with Reiki but it was not until several months later that she was able to fulfill her destiny of taking the First Degree class from Fokke Brink. From this time on, Reiki became her guiding light and she holds this light together with her time in the ashram of Sai Baba. Sadhu has been involved with Jungian psychotherapy and explodes into the discussion of mystic experience and mystic order through this doorway. We could have gone on and on… and this is what we have! Thank you, Sadhu!

28 August 2008 – Vicki Allen

A mystic experience can come through in a spontaneous manner, as many Reiki students have learned. In some cultures, mystic experiences are a way into the spirit world and are induced in different ways. When the experiences that are often called mystical occur within an induced state of being, are these truly mystical? Is spontaneity a characteristic of a mystic experience? A long time Reiki practitioner and master, Vicki shares with us her courageous journeys into a mystical and mysterious journeys accompanied by Shamans in Peru. Her foundation of Gestalt Therapy training and practice, along with a long time passion for self exploration, has lead Vicki to other realms. In our practice do we unknowingly create the possibility for mystical experiences? What other influences can support this part of our human expression?

4 September 2008 – Boudewijn Lutgerink

A long time student of Reiki in the Netherlands, Boudewijn has walked a fiery path of Reiki. His life has been turned upside down several times, bringing the pain of despair and the joy of bliss. Throughout this time, he has maintained a strong tendency to look at the mystery of life and has carried the openness to the next step with grace. Because of our connection, Boudewijn has shared some of his questions and his thought processes writing me emails titled “Walking the Dog.” We will start with one of these readings and go on to exploring the mystic path of Reiki that Boudewijn sees in his daily life.

11 September 2008 – Margaret Pauffley

Many years ago Margaret and I went on a journey with our partners to trace a ley line across the southwestern part of England. This was the first of many journeys that brought me to the edge of my understanding of the earth and its energies. Later Margaret, to her surprise, was drawn to train as a Minister and spiritual counselor with a Seminary whose motto was “Many Paths to the Truth.” This took her into the essence of different religions and spiritual practices. Some of her stories of her experiences in this program reminded me of our earlier journey. I consider the British Isles to be the source of many of my ideas of mystic order that is not about the religions as we know them now, but go to the natural world to view the normally unseen and unacknowledged energies. I am looking forward to my conversation with Margaret and the exploration of mystic order that is in store.

18 September 2008 – Marta Getty

Initiated as a master in 1981, Marta found her way to Australia in 1983. She went through contacts in the rebirthing community to teach Reiki. This started her love affair with Australia. Through the years she has consistently visited Australia renewing her connection to the land and to the community that is there for her. She tells her sacred stories of her initial journeys into the outback, which are mysterious and mystical. She holds these experiences without interpretation feeling that this is one way of honoring the ease of how the journey unfolded and the life changing connections that were given to her. These experiences have shifted the inner framework of her life. Come, join her, as she shares sacred stories.

25 September 2008 – Phyllis Furumoto

Marta’s show on the 18th of September was the last in the series of Mystical Order: Fantasy or a Quality of Being? Phyllis comes to the show, live from Australia to summarize the series for herself and leads into another series of shows titled: Stories of Masters. In following with the oral tradition, the next 3 months of interviews are presented to honor the masters who came before us, those ancestors of this practice, and the stories of life teaching that masters collect in their journey with Reiki.

2 October 2008 – Maggie Hall

Maggie Hall is a “country girl” raised on the Swan River of Western Australia. If you look at Western Australia in your world atlas, you will see lots of open space and very few townships outside of Perth, the capital city of WA. Maggie is a consummate story teller, using the great idioms of Australian English to describe people, feelings, places, and ideas. These are a few of her stories of being a master who is passionate about the kind of wisdom that one finds in kitchens all over the world including the aboriginal people who live and nurture the land of Australia.

9 October 2008 – John and Lourdes Gray

This interview is a gift that came to me and now to you, the listeners. John Gray was in the first group of masters that Hawayo Takata initiated in the mid-1970’s. John tells the story of his meeting Hawayo Takata and his memories of her at that time. At 91, John retains his sharp wit and his beautiful way of expressing himself. 15 years ago, he met Lourdes who came up to Boston from the Washington DC area to take his Reiki Class. One thing followed another and they were married! Now they live in a quiet place in southern New Hampshire, teaching Reiki and giving treatments at the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing. Together they live a Reiki lifestyle that is simple, profound, and fulfilling.

16 October 2008 – Illya Chentsov (Anand)

In my traveling throughout the world, the former Soviet Union countries and Russia have provided me with another view of the world as I grew up and as I hold it now. The contrast and the familiar are both present as I listen and live for a few weeks in these countries. Anand was a student of what we say is the “first Reiki class” in Moscow (taught by a young German master) though he comes from the Ukraine and heard of Reiki in India! A true traveler, Anand has many stories to tell. Here are some of them. He and his Reiki partner, Chandira, have taught together, held a large community of students together, and have continued their exploration of Reiki with their students. We recorded this interview at the end of an intensive seminar in July of this year in Moscow.

23 October 2008 – Frank and Lorraine Mitchell

When Beth Gray came to Australia in the early 1980’s, she did not know that she had touched another “gold mine.” This is not a reference to money as gold…..but a reference to the people she touched with her passion for the practice of Reiki. Frank and Lorraine are two of hundreds of people that came into contact with her during the years of teaching Beth had in Australia. These two are an example of the “gold” that Beth found. The “gold” has grown into a wealth of stories, commitment to Reiki, and a deep and abiding gratitude for the magic that brought Beth to these shores over and over. In their stories, Lorraine and Frank exemplify the path that they followed through personal challenges and service. We all had tears in our eyes throughout the interview. Join us for this beautiful and personal sharing of a life full of spiritual companionship and the practice of Reiki.

30 October 2008 – Ned Wolf

Ned found Reiki in his spiritual healing class and took each step one by one. His initiating Master, Helen Haberly, is well known for authoring a thin blue book about the teaching and stories of Hawayo Takata. Helen was a long time organizer and friend for Hawayo Takata on Orcas Island, near Seattle. In this theme of honoring masters and their stories, part of the focus is to bring back to the current Reiki community, the presence of those masters who have had a great influence in the community. And Ned has a few stories of his own! Listen in to the adventures of a master who has moved from Seattle to Western Australia four years ago.

6 November 2008 – Jan Pritchard and Scott Howlett

Jan Pritchard and Scott Howlett, both students of Beth Gray from 1986, tell stories of her classes, the manner of her teaching, and their recollections of her way to be with people. Beth came to Reiki through her long search and path of spiritual healing and teaching. She founded the Trinity Metaphysical Center in Redwood City, California. It was there that Hawayo Takata came to teach Reiki. Beth and her husband, at the time, John became avid students of Hawayo Takata and were recognized as masters by her. Beth had a stroke in 1993 which ended her vibrant teaching of Reiki. She survived for another 15 years, receiving her students in her usual open and passionate way. In May of 2008, Beth died at the age of 90! The photo is Beth at the age of 70. She lives on in the memories and stories of her students.

13 November 2008 – Lalita (Liora) Claff

I met Lalita in 1992 when she was known as Lesley and lived in Sydney, Australia. As a student of Wanja Twan, a master initiated by Hawayo Takata, we had a natural connection in our Reiki lives. Through our many inner and outer journeys, we met again and I had the pleasure of interviewing Lalita for this show. She and I have been given many lessons and guidance by Wanja in the time we have known her. This is a sweet time of remembering our beginnings in Reiki as well as a master who touches us both deeply. This is what Lalita says of her relationship with Wanja: Whenever I would ask Wanja a question about Reiki or ask her to clarify something, she would simply say: ‘That’s what Takata said’ or ‘That’s how Takata did it’ or ‘I just do what my teacher taught me.’ This is why I trust her so much, because she is true to her teacher and encouraged me to find my answers through practice. As I see it now, she taught me to be a devoted student of Reiki, a great gift for a person such as me.

20 November 2008 – Bobbe Free

In 1980 Bobbe Free was introduced to Reiki and so ended her long search for a way to use her hands to heal. She was initiated into the First and Second degrees of the Usui System of Natural Healing, as we called it back then, by Virginia Samdahl and Patricia Ewing, both students of Takata Sensei. In 1984 she was initiated as a Reiki Master by Phylis Furumoto. Bobbe, originally from New Zealand and who had lived in the U.S.A. for 25 years, was able to take Reiki back to her home country where she eventually returned to live in 1986. The story of Bobbes journey is one that inspires the notion that there are no accidents and there are only pieces of a puzzle that find their way home, given the right timing.

27 November 2008 – Rick Bockner

Today is Thanksgiving Day for those of us in the United States. As Reiki touches the essence of our lives, this is a time to remember the tremendous gift of Hawayo Takata, her way of being with her students, and the masters that she touched. Rick met Hawayo Takata through a series of personal connections at a significant time in his life. Rick brought to Reiki his song writing and musicianship, his love of wood, and his commitment to local communities. His story is captured in this interview and is a truly magically one. His recollections of the days with his master and his own Reiki stories are a journey down memory lane and a way to touch the innocent and mystical days of Reiki; days when we all knew each other, when the practice was held by a few people, when there were no books, magazine articles about Reiki and there was no Internet! Step into a time when the foundation of this Reiki community was being formed.

4 December 2008 – Inger Droog

In this series of “Stories of Masters” I hope to give a sense of Hawayo Takata, her teachings, and her person. The area of southeast British Columbia was fertile ground for Takata Sensei and her teachings of Reiki. The people there absorbed the philosophy of Reiki, the energy and Reiki, the practice and immediately applied it. As many of them lived with the land, raising their own food and children, there were many applications. Inger was a part of this community and became one of the first masters initiated by Wanja Twan, a master initiated by Takata Sensei. “I will merely have to close my eyes and put myself into Grey Creek Hall and Ainsworth Hot Springs in 1980 to remember your Grandmother! I remember how terrified I was then… so scared of her to barely be able to ask for a photo with her! and the photo taken was so dark it was hardly visible! Thankfully that changed over the weekend.. and the time I had with her and Wanja in Ainsworth!” from Inger.

11 December 2008 – Wanja Twan

Wanja has been mentioned many times in these radio interviews by people who were initiated by her or as a master who was initiated by Hawayo Takata. The classes that were held in Cherryville are famous in the Canadian Reiki stories. Wanja is from Sweden originally and still has the lilt in her voice and the twinkle in her eye that I attribute to the Scandanavian affinity to nature spirits, good humor in the darkest of nights, and a sense that the veil between worlds is very thin in those northern climes. My time with Wanja, now almost 30 years, has been never dull and always a great learning experience. Ever practical, she comes to her latter years with the wisdom of being a mother, a grandmother, writer, and a Reiki Master to many thousands of people. It is a joy to have her on the show, to share her memories and experiences of her master, Hawayo Takata.

18 December 2008 – Paul Mitchell

Hawayo Takata was born on December 24, 1900, on Kauai, Hawaii. Her life started on a sugar cane plantation camp and blossomed into a life that has touched thousands, perhaps millions, of people around the world. Through her destiny and hard work, she accepted the gift of Reiki for herself and then devoted her life to holding this practice for the people who were interested. During the 1970’s, the social questions of health care, spiritual seeking, and a desire to build healthy relationships found the treatment and practice of Reiki to be a dynamic partnership. Her teaching on the mainland was centered in the San Francisco Bay area, southern British Columbia, Canada, and the Chicago area. Many students became passionate about the practice as she realized that her life was coming to a close. She began to train and initiate masters in 1974 and continued until a few weeks before her death in December, 1980. These 22 masters have taken her teachings and spread it throughout the world.