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Latest report from Drs

This week has been full! I made three trips to Tucson that were full of errands and meeting people. On Tuesday, I had an appointment with Dr Ley, my surgeon, and Dr Swart, the medical oncologist. They both were pleased with my healing and we had great talks. Losing weight is the theme now! And I am getting really lovely support from both of them.

I have been going down and now it seems that the weight is finally moving! So happy. We have been home for a week and a half and been very true to the diet. This seems, of course, to make all the difference.

The research and development of a way to buy the Ranch is moving ahead with meetings and this is tightening up an already full schedule. I have been noticing that this is how my life was all the time BEFORE! And now it just makes me crazy stressed. So it is a good check to know this and to be aware of having time for myself. This is such a test of lessons learned and behaviors changed!

My energy is good and I am really into the yoga right now. It feels so good and is strengthening me from the inside out it feels. As well as giving me time to really let the energy move through my body. I am missing the hands on Reiki treatments and look forward to being in Russia soon where I will resume the daily treatments from others.

My energy level is improving slowly and I am happy about this.

We are off on the 29th for Moscow. I will keep you posted. I am traveling with all my bottles of pills and supplements. I hope that there will be no issue for me at the customs in Moscow. Keep your fingers crossed and Reiki coming! Actually, I would love to have some Reiki especially for these next days of preparation and of traveling. I am so happy that Joyce is coming with me. I don’t think I could do this without her.

with anticipation, Phyllis