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a month later

Well, dear friends. It is amazing that a month has sped by. The trip over the water was a bit of a torture. I realized that I have not been in crowds of people and confined the the airplane with most of the seats taken was a shock. Finally I got tired enough to sleep for a few hours. Relief! I also found my airplane persona and was okay for the rest of the flight. I had a delay in getting to Denver due to weather in the Denver area ……so we were late taking off and I arrived in Heathrow about 2.5 hours late. I was really not good. So I decided, after a little sandwich and water, that I would stay in the airport area for the night. This was also encouraged because my bags did not make it with me on the flight. So I found a great hotel, nice Chinese to have a good dinner, and then CRASHED! It was a pretty good hotel for a discounted price so I had a great bed and plenty of room. After a great sleep and rest, I picked up my bags and away I went to Suffolk.

I had a quick 2 day visit with dear friend Jessica…then on my way to Devon, picking up Kristin along the way. We spent a lovely two/three days there and then to Wales for the training class. This time was intense, a good exercise in balancing the work, my rest, and receiving what I needed to stay above the exhaustion line. I did pretty well the first week and then I had a bit of a stretch on the weekend so I took some rest time afterwards and it was good. However, I learned how much it takes for me to teach, to be present, and to be in another environment other than home! I had the good fortune to be staying with another dear friend who really took good care of me and the group. Thank you Kathryn!

On coming home, I decided I would see if I could upgrade my flight…which did work out! So I had a business class seat on the way home and was I lucky! Every seat in the plane was occupied! So i would have really had a hard time energetically and emotionally on the way home in economy.

Joyce was great when I arrived home ………….she gave me a massage and put me to bed! No arguing there! And I slept for three and a half days. When I got to a week home, I started to feel rested and here. The return home was easy.

All this time I have been following the protocol from the nathropath. For the most part it was not bad …..but I did not know how much the fatigue was due to a side effect or from actually being tired as I had the good sense to start at 10 most mornings, had lots of reiki treatments, and good food. I started to have more aches in my joints and up many times during the night.

Last Tuesday I had an appointment with the Nathropath and another one for my other health issues namely losing weight. So it was a long afternoon in the Drs office but I came out with good feeling of being cared for as an individual, being listened to, and having a program that seemed to be fitted to me. The tests that were taken came back with interesting info. The genetics test showed basically that I am not genetically prone to cancer which gives me the reassurance that my theory of what I call environmental causes were in fact the most strong factors. This is good because I have an opportunity to keep on the ground, stay more at home, and so on.

To check on the fatigue and nightly wake ups the Dr has asked me to stop the night time meds for 5 days and then I will add them back slowly one by one to see which one is the ONE. What a simple way of determining if this is truly a side effect and so on. This is why I am happy to be with these Drs …………………because I don’t have to “suck it up” (a terrible hip way to say “put up with”) but am listened to and something happens. Yesterday, my first day off the meds ….I felt better energetically than all the weeks before. So interesting. I will see what happens in the next days.

All in all, this is such an exercise in balance between form and essence. What is my calling? What supports the calling? What is the balance between doing and being? And all those kinds of questions!!!

My weight loss now is compromised by this fatigue that is built upon some lowish levels of basic energy/metabolism issues that will be addressed after the next set of test results come back. All in all, I am happy with this path at the moment. I now have enough of everything to take on my next journey north.

Joyce and I will be leaving on Sunday for a road trip to Nelson Canada (holiday) and to northern Idaho where I will be meeting with the Alliance Board, the OGM retreat, and Foundation Board as well as taking care of the office business, seeing friends, and hanging out in Idaho. Should be a good trip.

Joyce found a great little blender to take with us for our morning shakes as prescribed by the nathropath …..and I am getting our road music together…..the car is tested, washed, and raring to go also! Joyce is taking care of herself by taking her bike and her golf clubs. I am also taking mine and hope to play a couple of rounds while in BC. I am going out tomorrow to hit a basket of balls and see if this is a reality thing or not! Sure sounds fun!

My right arm and breast continue to heal and the arm is really good. no swelling or pain for a while.

Reiki seems to be going to my legs and hips these days. It seems that this is critical now…and I would love to walk! Can’t believe I am saying this! So if you have time to send ……..a little attention tot he legs and hips would be great … well as my thyroid. Getting healthy is going to be a much longer process than I anticipated … it is good to have Reiki patience! Another one of my challenges!

My heart is full of joy at the strength and kindness of the world wide support team I have! I am so lucky! Thank you.

with love and appreciation,


PS my hair is really getting thick now! And a bit unruly! So straight …..that it wants to stick up at the back. Guess I will go through the process of letting it grow a bit. It is fun to see hair again though.