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Radiation hotting up!

Two and a half weeks left to go on the radiation! It is so amazing how time goes by. The treatments have been fairly uneventful. Until yesterday. This is typical for the treatment process though, I understand from the Doctor. This is when my skin starts reacting to the radiation. And it is. Sue Leibold came to see me and brought some ointment she uses in her work but it is mainly used for radiation burns. And this is the same ointment that the clinic here uses. So I am on to this.

The sensation is more of an uncomfortable tightness of my skin under my arm and along the outside of my right breast. I can see that given 12 more treatments this will get more intense now. I am happy to receive Reiki these days and am so grateful for the continued support in Reiki.

The other issue for me is my gum condition. Not having great teeth and gums in the first place, the chemo therapy has caused a not great result in my gums. I am so glad for my sister who is a dental hygienist. Besides special toothpaste and mouth wash..and a great electric toothbrush, she has encouraged my dental care through this whole endeavor. I just had my teeth cleaned for the first time in 9 months! My teeth were actually not bad, but the gums have suffered. Many of my teeth are loose! So I am hoping that the cleaning will put the gums back on the road to health and I can encourage them with Reiki to stay connected to those teeth! I will have a dental appointment today to assist my teeth in holding on longer.

I must watch my activities! So in the last two weeks I have overdone it a couple of days and my body really gets it! So sleep and lying around is the only «cure.» Monitoring myself is not easy ….but I do have direct and clear feedback.

Other than all this, I am getting back into the swing of things on the computer…and have increased my computer time to two or three hours a day sometimes. I am also trying to organize two trips…one in July and one in October. They seemed quite straightforward, but I see that I am not really 100% so it goes slower and also I am making mistakes!

Looking at my 2011 I wonder what this will be like. I have the possibility of working at the Ranch as much as I wish if I schedule it now. I am excited by this ……but the question is «What do I offer?»

What is wanted out there? Any ideas or input from you all?!

I do read the comments and appreciate them!

Well, it is early in the morning and now time to go back to bed!

More in a few days. Thanks for being there! It is great to share and to know that there are those who care listening.

Til next time, Phyllis