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It has been a while since I have written. So many things are happening. I had three visits to different doctors and my health is gaining. I am still taking the natural hormone suppressants and the blood work said that my estrogen is rising a bit. This is on the edge and so my Nathropath has increased the Myomin dosage which has been okay no side effects. I am to have another blood test at the end of the month to check to see if this is making a difference. I realized that I had also become a bit lazy with one of the supplements, not taking it everyday ……………………….so now I have a different system which is working! Good!

Also my physical energy seems to be coming back and I am very happy about this. This will help with losing my weight. I have lost some but now am at another plateau where physical movement will hopefully push me into another ten pounds off! I am going for 30 more pounds! This is such uphill work and I have to keep trusting, receiving treatments, and having a good attitude towards myself.

The work I have been doing for the last 7 months has come to a turning point! The Prospectus which puts out the Reiki Home and the Kenyon Ranch Retreat has been published on line. It will be in 8 languages. English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, and Dutch. We have opened our hearts and vision to the world community. It is a bit scary but also exciting! Seems like the same energy feeling but with different future images. So I will trust in the work that this international group of Reiki students have created and in the timing of it all. Some think that this is a bad time to be collecting contributions. Maybe. I feel that this is the time of the community and we are ready to give support to the system and to Reiki for the gifts received. There are so many! And I am in this place of knowing that this is the only thing I am to do right now. It is a strange feeling and sometimes challenging.

The interesting experience is that is is similar to the feeling I had two years ago when embarking on the cancer treatment …………that this was what I needed to give myself to….with all my attention and love. And so I did.

How many times is thank you not enough …………….or said to let you know that I am grateful for the difference in my life that you have made! An awkward way to put this but in the proper order for me! This March some Russian students came and gave me gifts. They said in Russian, “May the hands of the giver always be full.” This touched my heart and soul.

I feel that this is my posture when I think of this Reiki Home and my own participation in it. May my hands always be full as a give! I so appreciate this Reiki practice as my hands always feel full. I am training my mind to pay attention and notice this feeling so I do not fall into fear and doubt. Such a simple way of being full.

with all my gratitude for your full hands.