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2011-04-03 for Japan-3

2011-04-03 for Japan-2

2011-04-03 for Japan-1

After much soul searching and sweet moments with people on the phone, email and skype about sending Reiki and about somehow holding out a hand to help the people, there is a way to use our Reiki to change the situation that does not compromise the dignity nor the privacy of the people. This is to treat the water. I will include Dr. Emoto’s message to water.

One of the main things that has broken down is the lack of drinking water and the water that came and took the houses and tossed ships like they were little twigs. Water is a critical topic and I believe Dr. Emoto that we can shift the energy and substance of water, allow it to be forgiven as well as clear again. Reiki, along with his practice and philosophy, seems like a way for us to participate. Even though March 30th has passed ……………sending Reiki everyday to the water around and in the nuclear plant, sending Reiki to the wave that came as the tsunami, sending Reiki to the fresh water and changing it from stagnant to clear. And sending our Reiki to be sure that there is enough water for everyone.

The photos I have included from bottom to top are a closeup of water from the sea around Wales, the crystal clear fresh water of a mountain lake in Canada, and the water of the Pacific Ocean at sunset. You can use these images as you send your Reiki.

If this appeals to you, then pass it on!

with appreciation for your comments and emails,

May the water be the messenger and bringer of Life,