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Treatment request

Dear Readers, I have found myself in another state. Lately I have been having periods of really down times. It has not been easy sometimes and there are some good insights that come forth. However, it is getting to be that I am not able to function very well and not with my usual attention.

I went to my Medical Oncologist a few days ago and told her what had been happening. The good news is that my estrogen levels are very low and this is the condition they are looking for to create another margin around the cancer. It is good that I am able to do this on supplements and not her medication. The not so great side effects is what she calls “moodiness.” Her solution is antidepressants, which i am tempted to take because my state of being is deteriorating as the time goes by.

This week I am teaching in El Paso and have the mornings off for 10 days. I am going to schedule treatments every day and get some exercise. Perhaps this will help. I will be staying with a family who is very into exercise. Perhaps I will be influenced!

At the same time, there is a dear friend and Reiki Master colleague who is not doing well. She found she had cancer in her lungs and it has gone to brain tumors. I am sad not to be able to fly to the UK to visit her…and sad that she is most likely going to die before I see her again. I try to keep current and say what I need when I have the chance because one never knows what is going to happen. This came from an experience I had in my twenties. So on one level it is fine…and on another I don’t feel finished!

This situation is not helping my state of mind.

I would appreciate renewed efforts around sending me Reiki, especially in my mornings. These seem to be the worst time.

With appreciation,