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A new doctor

Time is flying by and the temperatures outside here are in the triple digits! I am off to Wales for a couple of weeks in a few days. Another climate all together! However I will miss my desert garden, the beautiful skies, the hope for rain from the dark clouds in the afternoons, and my home. This last year has given me a taste of what it is like to have a LIFE! I love it! Many ideas and strategies for being at home while being present with people around the world are making their way to me these days. More about this later!

An update from the Femara situation. Last Monday, after changing my flight home from Austin to make the appointment, I saw Dr Dan Ruben, a Nathropathic Oncologist in Phoenix. He is very active in the professional circles to get a bridge formed between CAM therapies, Nathropathy and Allopathic Oncology. He talked very fast! Thank goodness Joyce was there to have another set of ears! But of course I came out of there with many tests to take, lots of supplements, and joy in my heart! I have been taking the supplements he gave me since then and feel good better each day. He is treating me for recovery from the chemo and radiation as well as giving me the herbal estrogen inhibitor that is doing the same kind of job as the Femara. I had two bouts of blood letting and will take an iodine loading test before I go to Wales. When I return at the end of the month, I will have another appointment with him to hear about my test results and his Grand Plan! This is for six months.

I don’t have the energy to write all the details now ……but I am happy because I feel that many of my questions were addressed and I feel good about this direction.

Luckily I can work a bit now since all of this will be paid by me ……I assume. And this is good too. I feel that it is time for me to take more of the participation for my care. I am still receiving Reiki treatments as the two weeks that I decided as a Reiki vacation ended with me in tatters! Now I know I am not ready to be weaned from my hands on treatment.

Dr Ruben said to count on at least six more months of recovery time. Sigh. And it is good to know so I do not get impatient and upset with my body. it is really doing well, all things considered!

I went to the hair dresser yesterday and it was remarkable how much thicker my hair is! I am so excited. Now Dr Rubens is testing to see if my thyroid has been compromised and about my hair loss which happened as my cancer developed.

My finger nails are much much better! But when I went to get a pedicure, my toenails were weird. So I have taken time off from nail polish on my toes …………… cheered me up in the dark nights and days of chemo! Now I need to let them breathe!

Thank you for your messages of support ………………………………………………………..all is very helpful!

Bed time now!

Love, Phyllis