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Avatar and other observations

First my report: This week’s treatment was almost totally clear of my usual aversion and fog. I feel that this was thanks to you! Thank you for your support on this! Thursday was a total bed day, though I did talk on the phone for several hours. Some how this was a day that many people called. Then today I rested until 11 and then got up, went into Tucson to do some errands. Kate Jones is here now from England and is doing a wonderful job of supporting me while Joyce is having a well deserved R&R.

This last week my right arm was very swollen and I was afraid of the lymphodema…so I have been exercising regularly, getting massage for it, and being more careful of salty foods and so on. It is going down now. Whew! My dizziness is not as bad though still present. It is mostly when I lay down! And I as I am eating better, I feel better about my self care, which is good.

Tomorrow I am playing the Game of Transformation with Kate and another dear friend. My focus is “I open to my spiritual connection with the Ranch.” This is my next step of entering into a conscious relationship with the Ranch and its calling. So many things are swirling around and I feel that this is a way to let go of the mental and logical aspects and feel the heart/spirit.

A week ago I went to see AVATAR, the movie. Of course I wore the glasses and saw it in 3-D. I cannot recount all the levels of impact that this movie has had on me. I close my eyes and see images of the movie. I long to be back in the movie and gain more of the messages and energy that I have received. I went the second time on Tuesday! And received another level of energy. I hope to see it a third time in a week or so.

The more obvious connection I had was the relationship (is this the right word?) of the humans and the avatars that were made of both human and avatar cells. I could feel and sense the great disparity between the human culture and the avatar culture. It echoed the same in me ………….my daily “human” life and my

spirit which is connected to everything. I see that I have been letting go of the daily life trappings and my spiritual life is beginning to be my chosen “reality.” This will take over more and more of my daily life until, hopefully, I will be connected and with my spirit.

Another split that I see in myself which is perhaps another perspective of the same duality is the part of me that is the lineage bearer and has been prepared through the years to accept this energy without knowing how or what it is and the part of me that is my personality with my weaknesses and attachments. If I cannot accept both as a part of me, then how can anyone else? It is through the connection with the “Mother” and strengthening connection with all that is ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. that this integration will happen.

The movie was rich in content for me. I am grateful for my sister who encouraged me to go see it! And this is enough about the movie for now. I feel I am still rocking inside from the impact of the visual and auditory messages.

Now I have 6 more treatments to go. It seems like the time is slowing up like the first ten were downhill rather than uphill. Now it feels like a plateau of some kind has been reached. I am grateful for this as the side effects are still minimal and my energy is still steady. Prayers of gratitude are daily being said
like one of those tibetan spinning wheels that send the prayers out constantly. I realize the potential of gratitude to shift deep and, seemingly, immovable blocks within me. I must not lose this in my momentary frustration of not feeling that I can express it enough. As Paul once told me, “Don’t you see how much you show your honor and gratitude to your grandmother by the way you live your life?” I have been living with this working inside of me for the last 25 years. It is started to be realized.

Show gratitude ……

Stepping into circles, linking arms, letting our connection to the Mother grow strong, experiencing the one ……this feeds us all.


with love, Phyllis