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Welcome 2010

This photo was taken as the sun was coming up. Don’t mind my earring that this precariously hanging  from my right ear! I did not lose it! I just had my hair “cut” again. It looks thinner than the first time. And I am still enjoying the feeling of my Buzz cut!

This is from my back yard at sunrise!

Welcome 2010! When I think of my experiences of time/space continuum which means the experiences of time moving and space not being meaningful, I bask in the ocean of what is. When I hear 2010, I remember waiting with anticipation for the year 2000 and the changes that would come to the planet.

What I am also aware of now is the combination of the two “realities” I have about time. There is no time and the calendar, clocks are made up by us so we can mark time together. In doing this together in some vague sort of agreement, we can meet each other, talk on the phone, and have national holidays. In Reiki and the time/space continuum, I find myself knowing that I am connected all the time and that my perception of space is really elastic. The space that separates us is only in out minds. Space can be as relatively small as the space between two atoms and the space between the earth and the moon. These are actually the same space!

Wednesday I had my 12th treatment. I saw the Oncologist’s assistant who assured me that everything was going to schedule. All my blood counts are fine. I have a little dip in producing red platelets but this is what they want. So no eating bunches of spinach or taking iron! My body felt pretty good going into the treatment. During the actual infusion procedure, I felt so nauseous. Ugh! And then after it all, I recovered. Yesterday was a pretty good day for me. I attribute this to the work that Jean and Hira did on me in bringing all of my bodies together and being present. The other was the Radio show that was aired on Thursday and listeners sending me/being with me. These experiences are about collapsing the perceived space.

The upshot is that I am aware that our practice of Reiki gives awareness of separation and space, gives a way to collapse that space/separation, and allows a possibility of experiencing another world that is utterly connected and present. The benefit is obvious. The path from separation and being one can be and, in my experience, difficult. Our practice allows this journey to be in our own timing (that concept again!) and through our own experiences.

And I am so grateful for these experiences of oneness. May these become longer and more trustworthy! May I be open to spirit and the bliss that comes with oneness! May we all experience the collective and take our next step to health, happiness, and prosperity!

Much love for our new year!