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Things I am learning about my body

Well, I never would have believed how much one can learn about one’s body in such a short time. Part of it is, of course, that I am making this my priority and this is my first line of attention. When I wake up, my first thought is “How do I feel?” “What is my body feeling like today?” A few weeks ago, my first thought was “What am I scheduled to do today?”

So my report. I am learning about my lymph system, how to manually move the lymph fluid from my right arm and side to flow into the larger lymph nodes in my neck and groin area! I have special exercises that I should do three times a day. I am lucky to get two sets in a day. I am learning about lymph drainage massage, diet, and what is my future. Sometimes I am afraid of the fluid building up and then having no where to go. However, so far, it has been good. I also have a great physiotherapist who is helping me out.

Everyone tells me that it takes about 12 months for the body to adjust after surgery. I see that each day, each week, there are new little things that have healed. When the larger obvious wounds have healed, then the more subtle things arise, such as the lymph system. It is a fabulous journey and I have increasing wonder at the miracle of my human body.

I am having slight side effects from the chemo. Sometimes I have slight nausea which gets worse if I drive in a car or move around. I get motion sickness! I have never experienced motion sickness that I can remember! This is a new experience! If I eat certain foods like a piece of toast, the nausea goes away. I am taking the anti nausea medication with the chemotherapy that is being given each week, but I am not taking the pills every day. This feels good. With the nausea, I am kept quieter and spend more time being with myself and not taking on projects or working. It is a good result.

The one side effect that I was assured would not be a problem is hair loss. I have been experiencing some hair loss from an unknown source for the last six or eight months. When I had surgery, this increased. Then with the build up of chemo in my body, the hair loss is becoming almost hand fulls! So tomorrow I have an appointment with my hair dresser! I may have her shave my head. This will just get it all over with and I will only have hair to look forward to! Rather than looking forward to deciding if enough has fallen out. I also believe that this is a part of my path to be experienced now. I rather look forward to it. I feel that this will change something inside of me. Like my hair is my strength …………………………a part of my control of my image. Now, without it, I must simply be me. I will see what happens!

The other thing that is noticeable is watching what I want to eat, how much I eat, and when I eat. When playing the transformation game in September, I drew the card: “You eat to nourish your body not feed your emotions.” This was an important point to remember. I am eating some food that I think would not be appropriate and being okay with it. The doctors want me to eat protein to keep up my blood count. They want me to focus on keeping my body working with all of the toxins in it. How much can my body handle!

Much more than I thought. This is my thought now …..and I have 15 more treatments to go. Well, we will

all know in a few weeks how my body is holding up! I do know that the Reiki keeps me in my body, keeps my body strong and clear, and provides information about what it wants. Thank you for your contribution to my workshop of Body Awareness!

Time for bed now.

Good night. signing off….with hair! Phyllis