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Radio shows “Reiki – Balancing Form and Essence”

Between 2007 and 2015 Phyllis Furumoto produced about 340 radio shows. She interviewed people of interest in the Reiki world, or just shared what was happening in her life.

Phyllis Furumoto: In my travels through the world of Reiki, I meet many people. All of them have great stories, profound insights given through their practice with Reiki, and inspiring experiences. It is my joy to be able to share these with you through these interviews. I am grateful for the willingness of these students of Reiki to share with you a glimpse of their Reiki path.

These original archival interviews are recorded between 2007 and 2015.

Year 2011

6 January 2011 – Elaine Andres

Love, Love, Love. What does the practice of Reiki teach us about Love? Are there different kinds of Love? Is Reiki really Unconditional Love? Elaine and Phyllis enter into a discussion about these questions and more. They end up with the question, What is wholeness? How did they get to this question! It is worth a listen to find out. Deep sharings and experiences from their many years of practice, engage the listener. Elaine brings her background in Christian theology and Phyllis, her psychological perspective. For the conference mentioned in the show:

13 January 2011 – Susan Mitchell

On Saturday, January 8, a young man with a gun shot several people who were at an informal political meeting in Tucson. 5 people were killed and several seriously injured, included our local congresswoman. My first thought was about this interview and the subject I had presented to Susan, compassion. How could I have compassion for the young man as well as all the others involved? Where does compassion come from and can we learn how to be it? What relationship do the precepts have with cultivating compassion? Susan’s experience with her Buddhist practice, her 30 plus years in Reiki, and her willingness to observe herself gives us insight and inspiration for our own path of compassion. Visit website

20 January 2011 – Upasana Grugan

Parents are often a challenge. Having aging parents can be even more of a challenge and, as many of the great spiritual leaders say, more support for spiritual practice. Compassion seems to start from one place inside of us and develops as our experiences of the world accumulate. Upasana’s spiritual practice of developing compassion is an every day, moment by moment, challenge. Her willingness to serve her mother while taking care of herself is a dance of compassion and personal boundaries. Her candid sharing and openness highlights the transformation of all human beings from the one being cared for to the caregiver, and from the care giver to the one who needs care. There are no pat answers, only questions.

27 January 2011 – Gail Olson

“Love is a big topic!” This was Gail’s comment when asked about this interview. Through the hour we were in conversation we did cover many aspects of love, from the interpersonal relationship of a mother and daughter through to the universal love of our fellow man/woman. Through the interview, Gail drops little gems and it is good to watch out for them. These will spice up your life and keep you on the “road to love,” (If you cannot read the English in the little framed chinese character…it says love.)

3 February 2011 – Siddheshwari

In the intro to this show, I mentioned gratitude as the theme for this one! And Siddheshwari (also called Meg) was gracious enough to switch to Gratitude but we shifted to Love, our original theme for our time together. Her experiences as a mother led her to Reiki. She is now starting a new practice of supporting parents and babies to bond more easily, to find that natural feeling of love and affection under challenging circumstances. Siddheshwari’s own experiences give her compassion and understanding that will go a long way in her new way of sharing Reiki. As the show ends, she sums up her feeling: “Love is a mystery!” Visit website

10 February 2011 – Phil Morgan

A Reiki Master, a Grandfather, a Great grandfather, and a Shaman, Phil brings his personal journey of Reiki and Shamanism to this interview with gratitude as the focus. In the shamanic tradition, gratitude is the basis for everything. To give thanks and to remember gratitude each moment is what allows everything to function. Phil’s wisdom of gratitude even in the most challenging of times is also connected with the essence of Joy. Gratitude and Joy comes from our individual truth and this impacts every breath we take.

17 February 2011 – Jenny Ray

A medicine women from the Santee’, Dakota, Sioux tribe of the Midwestern United States, Jenny Ray teaches through the way she speaks of the earth and its inhabitants, her stories, and her wisdom of how to hold the great paradoxes of being on the earth today. Each time she speaks, the understanding of the world is clearer because she is able to articulate with great clarity a unique view point. I heard the threads of compassion, gratitude, and peaceful co existence that gave me a peaceful, expanded vision of our beleaguered world. Visit website

24 February 2011 – Ellen Sutherland

“Reiki talks to me. Reiki grows me. I am Reiki” Ellen’s path to her celebration of Reiki in her life is touching in its simplicity, the very essence of Reiki. Gratitude is a part of her spiritual practice, starting with the simple lovely things in life to the challenging situations that have come to her. She speaks of Love which is not temporal love but an energy that transforms everything it touches, including each of us. As she describes this energy in the interview, I was touched by it.

3 March 2011 – Joyce Winough

As a result of the interviews of the last two months, the word that kept coming up for me was service. How does service fit into our Reiki practice? Is it all service? Do other spiritual practices have service as a part of the practice? What is this like for the people who do the service? Knowing that Joyce has been very active in another spiritual community and has had profound experiences through her service, I asked her to share this with us. She is actively engaged in service to the Reiki community in different ways and also to others through individual service. She shares her experience with her open heart and in gratitude for all experiences that have brought healing to her in many ways.

10 March 2011 – Deborah Rodney

In keeping with our theme of service, Deborah brings her richness to the show. Her plays, television ads and programs, and her being as a Reiki Master are all expressions of her gift of service. Following her heart and her passion, she has delved into the community of homeless in Portland, the HIV Aids community on St. Vincent, and the issue in schools of bullying. In her productions she educates as well as serves the communication deficient that often surrounds these special populations of our current culture. Being a master is being of service. Reiki is her spiritual path and Love her spiritual discipline. Visit website

17 March 2011 – Anne Harrington-Lowe

Service. Volunteers. A heart felt smile. Anne has balanced the life of Reiki Master with her part time work as a volunteer co-ordinator. This has lead to some interesting observations of how compassion, transformation, and spirit combine to bring the best out in people. Whether a person starts with spiritual motivation for selfless service or goes into a volunteer position because of wanting to help or for their own personal agenda, the transformation of the person has begun. Her work has given her the opportunity to see service as a smile on a bleak day or hours of caring for children who are lost and alone.

24 March 2011 – Carol Wirtz

Twenty-five years ago Carol followed her heart and joined the Sisters of Charity order. A few years after this, she met Reiki. She is currently involved in several service projects, one being a day center for children with special needs in Juarez, Mexico, another a shelter for homeless women in downtown El Paso. Her personal focus is working with women with breast cancer. Her speaking of service allows me to have to have an experience of service and an inspiration to seek service every day. Visit website

31 March 2011 – Soyin Tang

Many years ago a master initiated by Hawayo Takata had an impulse to start a world wide service project called “Reiki Outreach International.” Mary Mc Fayden was a strong teaching master and had the belief that Reiki students could make a difference! So she organized people together to send to situations such as the earthquake and tsunami that affected Japan in the last weeks. Soyin Tang became strongly connected with this project and has held the energy of Reiki Outreach International in the UK for 16 years. She is sharing her journey with the project and her wish for this way of Reiki to continue to serve the greater population of humanity. Visit website

7 April 2011 – Maureen Pua’ena O’Shaughnessy

Ho’oponopono. This is the theme of our time together with Maureen. As her relationship with her “kumu hula” brought her to Reiki, she is now bringing a part of the Hawaiian teaching to the Reiki community. After these weeks of exploring Love, Compassion, Gratitude, and Service, we are putting it all together in a practical way of how to live life in harmony and in responsibility for our lives. Reiki teaches us to live without blame and the subjective judgements of right/wrong. When we learn to let this way of seeing go then our lives can be put into balance through this ancient formula: I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. Visit website

14 April 2011 – Carol Wirtz

The first show on March 24 was not listener friendly! Luckily Carol was able to fit in another hour of her time to record another show! The sound is better and it is not exactly like the other one. Thank you Carol. Thank you listeners! Here we go. . . Twenty-five years ago Carol followed her heart and joined the Sisters of Charity order. A few years after this, she met Reiki. She is currently involved in several service projects, one being a day center for children with special needs in Juarez, Mexico, another a shelter for homeless women in downtown El Paso. Her personal focus is working with women with breast cancer. Her speaking of service allows me to have to have an experience of service and an inspiration to seek service every day. Visit website

21 April 2011 – Hira Reid

This interview is packed with great stories of service. HIra was generous in her sharing of the times in her life that were pivotal in her awareness of service. She starts with the story of how she decided to join the army and “knew” this was the next thing for her to do. She knew it in her heart. And goes on with the stories of her time in Viet Nam and then in the Siddha Yoga Ashram in India. Her two themes are “non-doing” and “doing with all your heart.” Inspiring and thought provoking. You may want more of her stories! Go to her Reiki blog, for another side of Hira:

28 April 2011 – John and Lourdes Gray

An Encore! for John. A few weeks ago, Lourdes wrote an email to me sharing that John had died on January 12, 2011. John spent over 30 years of his life in service to Reiki and to the teaching that was passed on through Hawayo Takata, his master. His teaching will live on with Lourdes, his masters, and his students. Thank you, John. Visit website

5 May 2011 – Leslie Grasa

Leslie brings to us the magic of Reiki one more time! Her personal story, beginning with First Degree with her Reiki Master Sheila King, of deep physical shifts in her body, opening of communication channels within as well as with others, and the potent teachings through Reiki inspire and touch the heart. Let Reiki teach you! Her teachings she shared with us now are: “I am never alone. I have something valuable to contribute. I know a place from which to gain clarity.” These teachings bring a deep abiding peace that nourishes her and will nourish you! Visit website

12 May 2011 – Tim Thomas

The stories of Reiki continually demonstrate the theory that “there are no coincidences!” Tim gives us over and over a confirmation of this theory…until it is not a theory any longer! As with many of us, Reiki came into his life through a series of “coincidences.” The sharing of his list of “What has Reiki taught me?” can be seen as the path a human being takes from the depths of the forest to the top of the mountain. Daily spiritual practice gives vision of possibilities and slowing down, learning how to be. Moving more from the heart and accepting what is! Embracing the plateaus because the true lessons are learned in incremental steps.

19 May 2011 – Yoli Deines

“Trust is the tap root.” This is the way that Yoli has experienced her life with Reiki. Off this tap root (which is the main root from a plant) are smaller roots like “letting go of control,” “surrender,” and “trusting others.” Realizing that letting go of control is different than losing control; that surrender is partnership rather than giving up the self; and that caring about is different than caring for is a part of the process of Trust The experience of trusting supported and nurtured by daily self treatments and distant treatments has produced a cellular transformation until the very essence of trust resides in her.

26 May 2011 – Jim Frew

Sit back and start treating yourself as you listen to Jim’s wonderful stories of his life with Reiki. A master storyteller as well as a Reiki master and practitioner, Jim gives us some of the highlights of his practice. I found the stories filled with clear understandings of “how Reiki taught him and taught the people he was treating” lessons that changed their lives. And at the end, the simple advise of being constant with daily treatments on oneself is advise that comes from his own experience of treating himself daily. Pass on what you know and trust. Thank you, Jim! Visit website

2 June 2011 – Paul Haines

A man of few but clear words, Paul brings to his stories the fullness of his experience. In doing this, he touches a resonance that we sometimes miss or forget in Reiki, Peace. A kind of peace that is the result of soulful healing and reconciliation. His experiences throughout his 25 years of practice, brought me to a place in the interview of simply wanting to have silence. So the last few minutes are yours to be with yourself and with the peace that he brings to the fore.

9 June 2011 – Jolanda Ouburg

Stepping with both feet into the mystery of Reiki, Jolanda tells of this word that just came to her as she was trying to find a way to heal her physical pain and condition. She has followed this path with confidence and dedication, applying Reiki every day and in every way. Her healing lead to art therapy which has given her the courage to take the new life she has and create her dream.

16 June 2011 – Fran Freeman

Before she met Reiki in 1982, Fran followed her path and learned that everything is given. Sometimes what has been given is not what she wanted or expected. However she has learned that the path is about accepting what is given, honoring this, and appreciating it as the colors of life. Her stories are wonderful illustrations of Reiki in action!

23 June 2011 – Kathy Baker

Kathy was guided to Reiki in 1978 with Ethel Lombardi, one of the masters initiated by Hawayo Takata. Through the years and many remarkable experiences, there is a clarity of her gift from Reiki. This gift is the ability to connect. Through this connection all is possible. Being in the “right place” at the right time is a gift of feeling the connection and going in that direction. Moving from the heart, Kathy has proceeded through her life, and having the confidence that she is on her path.

30 June 2011 – Phyllis Furumoto

Phyllis takes a moment to express gratitude for the Radio Show and those people who have assisted in the successful production of the show for the last 4 years! Then she begins to share “What Reiki has taught her.” Halfway through the show, she asks those listening to begin to give Reiki to themselves, as she does also. The rest of the show is a flow of Reiki through her to the listeners. Being is the key……Being human is what we are.

7 July 2011 – Fokke Brink

Encore! This 5th year of the Reiki Talk Show is starting out with some encore shows from the first year of the show. These are, in my estimation, timeless and give you, the listener, a new context for the show. Listen again….with your different ears…and find the magic of the oral tradition. Fokke Brink has made a study of the three kanji that “says” Reiki in the Japanese language. He will take his understanding of the origin of the kanji and extend it into his own perspective of Reiki, the energy, and Reiki, the practice. Fokke took Reiki in one of the first classes in the Netherlands and now lives in south Greece with his lovely wife, Maria. Together they have a beautiful Reiki Retreat Center. Visit website

21 July 2011 – Leslie Grasa

Yes, Leslie was just on the show a few weeks ago, sharing her Reiki story and the profound lessons that Reiki has brought to her. (May 5, 2011) She was on the top of the list again when the topic of Community arose. As Leslie is on the Board of Trustees for the Annual Northwest Reiki Gathering held at the Breitenbush Hot Springs Resort in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, she is able to share her experience of attending the gathering for 7 years, the intent of the Trustees for the gathering, and the feeling of being held in a Reiki community. The theme this year? Let Reiki Teach You. Visit website

29 July 2011 – Maria Kumb and Fokke Brink

Maria and Fokke trace their long history with Reiki through their experiences of community beginning with the first student gathering in Holland for Fokke and organizing evenings for Reiki treatment exchange for Maria. This goes through their adventures in their Reiki Heal-Mobile, the annual Gersfeld Reiki Festival (Germany), and their local community experience in the small Greek village where they live now. It is a grand tour with many smiles and profound experiences of the value of community. Visit website

4 August 2011 – Kathy Tyler

A pilgrim on her spiritual path, Kathy was lead to the Findhorn community in Scotland and met Reiki there in the early 1980’s. Kathy is the co-author of The Transformation Game and the original Angel Cards and continues to listen to the wisdom of the universe as it comes through her. Outspoken, direct, and passionate, she holds her humanity and the humanity of all others with grace, compassion, and gentleness. This interview will give you much food for thought as you move through your daily life of living in community. See these web sites for inspiration:

11 August 2011 – Kate Jones

From tentatively attending the first gathering of the UK Reiki community to becoming a full time participant in the Usui Shiki Ryoho community, as well as the Reiki community at large in the UK, Kate Jones has walked the path to becoming a community member. This path has its gifts as well as its challenges. She brings stories, experiences, and, with great respect, the description of Reiki practice that has been authored by the circles of Reiki practices represented by the Reiki Council of the UK. Her reading of this touched the deep place where Reiki abides in me. The knowing that this is shared by so many helps dissolve walls of separation. A true gift of community conversation. Visit website

18 August 2011 – Juergen Kindler

In the chronology of Reiki, Germany was the first European country to receive Reiki. Reiki traveled to Germany from the USA with Brigitte Müller of Frankfurt. Jürgen’s story carries this story of community to the next steps. His ability to reach out and embrace change while remaining confident of his own practice is inspiring. He was able to experience the community of German speaking masters in person and through his work with the “Reiki Master Rundbrief.” His participation extended to the wider student gatherings in Gersfeld and through his “Reiki Magazin” which is still published today.

25 August 2011 – Quan Yin

Quan Yin (Lynne Williams) is a teacher, grandmother, and spiritual guide assisting people to become their authentic Self. A Skeikha for the Sufi Ruhaniat International and a psychiatrist, she offers a spectrum of common sense, mystic poetry, and asute obervations of human nature. Our conversation ranged through the ins and outs of community, the paradox of developing the individual while strengthening the community, and the understanding that community is not always easy. Information about the practice: and

1 September 2011 – Mona Nicholson

A mother, grandmother, teacher, and now a community member, Mona has taken on a new life with an intentional community. To quote the web site: “Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat is a place gifted by nature and cared for by a community dedicated to service.” Mona shares with us her first weeks of experience in the community, her aspirations, and her mission. A place where idealism meets the realism of a simple life, Mona lives a dream many of us have.

8 September 2011 – Dawn Fleming

Dawn responded to the calling of Reiki and found her vocation. Her work with Reiki has created a Reiki Community around her and around the practice. Beautiful stories, clear insights, and compassion are sprinkled throughout the interview. A woman on a mission of healing and love, Dawn has answered her calling.

15 September 2011 – Gerald Blomeyer

Five years ago Gerald sent out an email to his friends, students, and colleagues saying that he was moving to India to be with the Dalai Lama and the teachings of Buddhism. As a result of a series of small events, we connected again for this moment. The tenets of compassion, non attachment, and interdependence come alive through his stories, experiences, and observations. HIs way of making a difference in the world is to be of the world but not attached to the world. A clear and challenging life.

22 September 2011 – Kate Tirion

Permaculturalist, visionary, and local food activist, Kate takes us on a journey towards the healing of the planet through being conscious and aware. Understanding our connection with our local community and our global community leads us to a regenerative way of being. The conversation with Kate inspires a new way of thinking and gives us direction for manifesting change in and around us.

29 September 2011 – Ben Haggard

Permaculture, sustainability, and regenerative process. What do these concepts have to do with community? And with the Reiki community? Ben’s ability to put complex thoughts into simple statements that impact the way listeners think/act is a gift that he generously shares during this interview. Human beings as a part of the natural landscape can be a life changing shift in thinking. This is one of the gifts of our practice of Reiki. How can we use this gift to serve the earth and all living things? A question Ben eloquently answers.

6 October 2011 – Ben Haggard

In this second interview, Ben continues to speak of the qualities of community from the perspective of regenerative mind and a wholistic vision. As an interview changes to a conversation introducing the Reiki Home project to the listeners, Ben and I enjoy exploring ways in which a conscious community could benefit the practice of Reiki, the land site of the Reiki Home as well as the surrounding communities, and creating an enduring legacy for the practice of Reiki and human kind. To find more information about the Reiki Home Project:

13 October 2011 – Paul D. Mitchell

As the last of the series of interviews about the essential gifts and challenges of living in community, Paul Mitchell brings to us two experiences of living in intentional communities. Often, Reiki students wonder what it might be like to live in an intentional community with Reiki as a guide. Through the slow organic process, the Reiki Home is developing into an expression of our practice and our community.

20 October 2011 – Svetlana Ushakova

When attending a Reiki masters’ seminar in Almaty, Svetlana heard about the Reiki Home and was immediately touched by the concept. As the days passed her thoughts lead her to more and more ideas about the Reiki Home. Interestingly enough, these ideas are already incorporated into the vision that the Reiki Foundation International is holding. Our first interpreted show, Nur Stepanova is the Russian interpreter for the show.

27 October 2011 – Sonja Lindstrom

When Sonja and I met at the annual Northwest Reiki Gathering in Oregon, the question of themes for the radio show arose. Many of the Reiki students there had stories of treating people in hospice, people in deep grief, and chronic grieving (my term)/ Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. In this interview she is sharing not only her own experience in words but in the actual nature of the interview itself. This is an experience that has profoundly touched me. We are looking to find a group of people who are willing to put some energy into compiling experiences in this area and the manner in which the practice of Reiki can support and assist in transitioning and grief.

3 November 2011 – Emilia Kulesh

There are many ways of going through the ups and downs of tragic circumstances in one’s life. Much seems to depend on our own personal constitution. When Emilia’s daughter disappears from the family who loves her, Emilia is drawn to Reiki and through her practice finds the strength to go on. After some years of practice and caring for her mother who has had multiple strokes, her grief and despondency again is raised by her ability to use the insights gained from her Reiki practice and her own inner strength. Perhaps her experience will inspire others. It certainly inspired me. Russian/English Interpretation by Nur Stepanova.

10 November 2011 – Fran Freeman

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is more than just not coping. Recognized now by the medical community as a physical, emotional, and mental response to a traumatic event, this disorder may be more prevalent than we realize. When people come out of an acknowledged obviously prolonged stressful situation such as being in a war zone or being abused continually it is not difficult to accept that something has happened. Fran’s experience of being bullied in her place of work has brought her to a deep place of self awareness and compassion for herself and others in similar states of being. Her story is one of courage and insight.

17 November 2011 – Jane McCabe

Encore show from May 2008! This show tunes in to the PTSD that often appears in servicemen and women who serve in military combat zones. Jane was working as a consultant in a Veteran’s Hospital and assisted patients in planning their own program of healing in palliative care. Through her treatments in other parts of the hospital, she shares with us stories of peace, the struggle of the medical community to serve the veterans, and the gifts she has received through these experiences. Jane brings to us the needs of the veterans to regain their equilibrium as human beings, as family members, and as members of a society that sometimes questions the validity of their service.

24 November 2011 – Wilhelmina Raupl

Living with traumatic events without working with them creates an unstable foundation. Often a person can live his or her life without working with this foundation. Sometimes, withe the assistance of Reiki and our focus for a fulfilling life, this foundation will come up to be reworked. In this case, being let go from her job and the death of her mother triggered a two year process that has been life altering and healing. Wilhelmina shows us that the magic of timing and the trust in her inner voice has given her a new beginning.

8 December 2011 – Colin Powell

The modern world of Reiki has become a “tapestry of color and textures.” Colin Powell came to Reiki in 1998 and since then, has embarked on a journey through the maze of information on the internet and in books to find his truth for his practice. His journey lead him to Japan and to the place he is now, a Master who offers “Reiki: pure and simple.” During his journey, his Reiki practice sustained him and became a strong thread in his life. A compelling and insightful man, Colin is a master who brings the energy of congruency to his students and practice.

15 December 2011 – Vivian Kimura

In 1977, Vivian’s eldest daughter was born with a severe disability. This meant that she would not live a long life and did not have the usual possibilities of a child for communication and development. Vivian and her husband felt that Celeste was a gift and through this gift of a child, Vivian found Reiki. Hawayo Takata treated Celeste through the first years of her life and the family went to take the Reiki class. Vivian gives us an intimate look into the Hawaiian way of family life. The show is a shorter than usual but full of a mother’s love for her children and her memories of Hawayo Takata.

22 December 2011 – Linda Sola

Having met Linda in 1980 in the Kootenay area of British Columbia, Canada, I was happy to meet her again. As we shared about our long time connection, I realized that she would have some interesting stories about her experience with Hawayo Takata. The story of her early and deep connection with Reiki unfolds during this conversation, demonstrating the lasting influence of Hawayo Takata on her students and their lives. Linda shares how the principles she received through her classes with Hawayo Takata transferred to her passion for teaching massage.

30 December 2011 – Phyllis Furumoto

In keeping with the focus of the end of the calendar year and the beginning of a new one, Phyllis leads listeners through a time of Reiki treatment. She uses her experiences and insights from the year to remind us of balancing essence and form, of joining heart and power, and of connecting to each other. The theme this year is inspiration. Music by Daniel Ho “Hawaiian Healing.” Reading from “Heaven in the Midst of Hell” by Sheri Snively.