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Back again!

Dear Readers, After all these months, I am finally sitting down to write. So much has happened in the last 6 months that I will make this a series of writings. I know it sounds trite when I say that I have been thinking of you…meaning to write ….and not doing it. My guess is that I have been in another phase of my life …..trying to get back to “normal” and finding out in the last weeks that there is no normal ….and that I need to write. I am glad you are out there listening/reading!

Hopefully you have not completely despaired and given up on this blog. Obviously the topic is more me and not so much about my health…though this is always with me these days. More on this later.

In brief, I have spent much of my energy in the last year on the Reiki Home Project. You can read more about this on It is a growing project and I hope you will find your place of contribution and commitment to this. This is where Reiki is leading me these days …..despite my own retraining forces!

I just returned home from a 7 week rip to Almaty Kazkhstan…with a stop over in London coming and going. The trip was great and I am in my third day of recovery at home. I am amazed at how much time it takes to recover!

And I have put my little villa up for rent this year …………so it can earn a little money and I have the funds to keep it up in the way I would like. It is an exciting passage, as for the last two years, it has been there for visitors who have come to give me Reiki and care for me. Now I am in another phase finding out that the Reiki is still important in my daily care and that I am glad I don’t need to have people come and care for me. This experience taught me so much.

Well, I have broken the ice ……in other words…I have started writing again. I will be back with you again soon. Thank you for all of your emails encouraging me to write!

with gratitude,