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more about water

Hello from the desert! The news is still with Japan and there are many people who are sharing their lives and resources with those in Japan. This is beautiful. And I am still with the water. Kathy Araki sent me this Youtube link…it is a film of the tidal wave that came into Sendai. All I could think about is the power of water ……only water seeking its natural boundary! What amazing things it can do just by being itself! There is no emotional anger, violence, or revenge. It is simply water. Now, more than ever, I am getting into the place of Ho’oponopono or forgiveness with the water. In my last radio show with Maureen OShaunnessy from Hawaii…we spoke of the events in Japan and working with the water.

The best thing I can do, I believe is to take back my projections of my own fear, wish for control, and unwillingness to live as a natural part of our earth which may have gone to the water, to the earthquake, and to the uncertainty of life itself.

This five minute film is great for dong ceremony and healing with water. watch_popup?v=c3rqPPJPwLg

Join you in the water! Phyllis