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One more!

Dear Readers and supporters,

One more treatment on Tuesday! Monday is a national holiday here in the USA. It is memorial day, a day started after the civil war (Politically correct name the War Between the States) way back in 1866. This is the verse: “We cherish too, the poppy red / That grows on fields where valor led, / It seems to signal to the skies / That blood of heroes never dies.” I have to say that this holiday will be different for me. I have realized that heros are not just those who die on the battlefield of wars ………………………………………………………………………………….as we all know. They are everywhere and in our daily lives. I will have a ceremony for all heros tomorrow including you. And me. A part of me has left, gone in on the battlefield of living and dying. The part of me that is living has the memory of the part that died. And this gives me the chance for compassion, deeper understanding, and greater appreciation.

Today I went to the fitness center near our home in Green Valley and had a great workout. No stress. No resistance. And almost fun. It did feel good. And I can still walk and move around, which is great. I am looking forward to going again tomorrow and the next day and the next day! The walking is great for me. I feel a different relationship with my body! Some would say, Of Course!

On Tuesday, I go in the morning for the last radiation treatment and then in the afternoon, to the Oncologist who will start me on the hormone therapy. Some resistance has come up, of course, but will be melted and I will take the pills, giving them Reiki Reiki Reiki!

I will continue to have doctor appointments and check ups for reoccurrence for the next year. This is a critical time for me and will be a re-entry into a different life! How it will be different is not clear yet just I know I cannot go back but am taking the next steps forward. I have had days recently of anxiety and some wondering. Makes me want to go on a long drive down the highway! But I am not doing this right now …and will stay here and see what comes to me here. This is a great discipline!

Time for sleep. Good night! Phyllis