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Spiritual Homeland

2011-04-23 Spiritual Homeland-3

2011-04-23 Spiritual Homeland-2

what is a spiritual homeland? I have been using this phrase to describe how I feel about the northern part of New Mexico. This last week I had five days there and had this experience again. I suppose it means this is where my spirit feels at home. The sensations are deep and in resonance within me.

What I have found out is that I don’t need to live there to access it. For this I need courage and willingness to accept the present and trust the nature of the path.

The first photo from the bottom up is of the mountain « pedernal“. This mountain is dark and strong because it is made of flint while all the other land around it is limestone and sandstone (see the second photo). The path is long and beckons me ….though I don’t know where I am going or the goal that maybe out there. The nature of the path is what I love and is where I find my courage.

The programs on the radio show about service seems to have awakened some kind of service process inside of me. I am getting 350-600 spam messages a day with the word service in different languages at the beginning ……..servico@….. ect. It is an odd thing. And I feel that until I have a true insight, these spam messages will continue! This is also messing with the emails that come into this inbox and I trust that I have retrieved all of them.

A friend in Santa Fe and I were speaking of service. He said that service is done not to fulfill a need, but to give from the heart. This also was a piece of the puzzle that I needed. I am processing this in relationship to the Japan question! Why does this haunt me so!? Then I realize the situation is a great lesson. I must stay quiet and open in order to receive the message.

I am in days of rest from my journey and integrating the substance of what I have received in traveling my spiritual homeland.