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Christmas and its meaning

It is the 24th of December and more than Christmas, I remember this as my grandmother Takata’s birthday. Each year as this date passes through me, I realize that my gratitude is growing and growing.

I have been, without a doubt, looking back to last year and how I felt then. It was such an effort to get up and move about! My dear friends who had been giving me hands on treatment each day had a great idea we would all stay in our pajamas and have a breakfast together! It was such fun and I realize, they came to my daily routine! It was so sweet! And then the rest of the day was spent together watching movies and snacking on good things that we brought together.

This year, I have not my usual energy for decorating and getting things together for Christmas, but I am not pushing myself either. This is good! We are having a quiet day tomorrow ………….feeding the horses at the Ranch and I have the desire to go out and have a ceremony there. I used to do this when I lived in northern New Mexico. The air/space on the early morning of Christmas is so special somehow ……………….and I used to drive out to the edge of the canyon there and watch the sun come up …drumming and singing to the day.

This day is like a touch stone each year for me. It is about remembering all the good things that have happened. Enjoying family and friends and generosity. It is about birth and LIFE in a new way. This day is about heart and warmth and comfort. I have grown away from the midnight church services and the story of he manager …..and try to grow away from the madness of spending money!

But the spirit of Christmas is with me and I am happy to be sharing this with you, whatever your feelings about Christmas are!

So this is why my gratitude is growing for the gifts that my grandmother has given to the world, to me, and to my family.

She gave these gifts by being herself. This is inspirational. We don’t have to be anything but ourselves and the gifts came to those that we love and care for.