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The walk

I wish I had the cord to download photos from my camera ….so you could see the ferralitos that were lit this evening for people who were remembered during the walk for life…here in Green Valley. I did not know about it …though I hear that this was a nationwide walk for cancer research, remembrance, and support. A friend of mine did the walk from 10 in the morning to 10 at night and lit a candle for me. I found out about an hour from the end ….and went down to join her. I remembered Luellen Garret and Jane Cherrington and many other of my friends, colleagues, and family who have passed on through the advent of cancer. I also remembered Collene Delaney, Esther Russo, and others who are alive and living with the experience of cancer. It was moving and mostly because it was such a feeling of support! Thank you again … are walking with me too.

with overflowing gratitude for life!