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Time in Almaty

Just to keep in a kind of order I wanted to talk about my trip to Almaty Kazakhstan. It is a beautiful city now very fast becoming « westernized ». Lots of hugs glass paneled buildings going up and the roads are up to anyone’s standards!

Amazing changes. The People are still very lovely with many of the tribal influences shown in the faces and manners of the people themselves. Such diversity with open hearts. I was welcomed with open arms and had three weeks of being cared for. I ate simply with brown rice and miso soup as my staples. I had at least one and sometimes three treatments a day which was important for my balance of time. It was difficult all the way through the weeks stay to really sleep all night. When I did, it was a cause for celebration! The events were rewarding with many questions about healing, history, and my process. Talking about this and having discussions about Reiki and healing was good for me. Allowed for more clarity and lots of different viewpoints. Paul Mitchell was there for all the events and was a strong support throughout.

It was good to « get away » from the doctor appointments, the immersion into the medical model of things, and to feel the Reiki community enfold me. Whew! Just what I needed for balance. A great thank you to the organizers of these events and the ones that I needed to cancel also. I appreciate the support and openness of opportunities that have come from this situation.

I am glad to have made this trip. I also understood the stress levels that are inherent in traveling, in a different way. I realized how much energy and how little time I really had for myself over these years, though I would not change them now! I realized the continued gift of insight that I have through my journey with cancer. I am grateful for it all. Thank you again and again for being with me on the journey and supporting me even if you have doubts about my choices. What compassion!

Signing off for now.

Phyllis at home in Arizona