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Radio shows “Reiki – Balancing Form and Essence”

Between 2007 and 2015 Phyllis Furumoto produced about 340 radio shows. She interviewed people of interest in the Reiki world, or just shared what was happening in her life.

Phyllis Furumoto: In my travels through the world of Reiki, I meet many people. All of them have great stories, profound insights given through their practice with Reiki, and inspiring experiences. It is my joy to be able to share these with you through these interviews. I am grateful for the willingness of these students of Reiki to share with you a glimpse of their Reiki path.

These original archival interviews are recorded between 2007 and 2015.

Year 2007

12 July 2007 – Phyllis Furumoto

Phyllis Furumoto, the show moderator, describes her own beginnings with Reiki, her understanding of Reiki, the energy, and Reiki, a practice. Included is a brief history and how Reiki fit into the «New Age» that blossomed in the 1970’s. This is the foundation show for the next year of shows in which Phyllis will present many sides of the question; What is Reiki? As well as acquainting the listeners to the global community of Reiki students.

19 July 2007 – Fokke Brink

«Kanji» is a word for the Japanese characters that are used to communicate concepts with the language. Fokke Brink has made a study of the three kanji that «says» Reiki. He will take his understanding of the origin of the kanji and extend it into his own perspective of Reiki, the energy, and Reiki, the practice. Fokke took Reiki in one of the first classes in the Netherlands and now lives in south Greece. Visit website

26 July 2007 – Ruth Wong Pine

Ruth Wong Pine joins us in exploring the concept of Reiki through the Chinese language. The Japanese language has been closely connected with the Chinese from perhaps 2000 years ago. In working from the Chinese language and concepts, Ruths point of view may give one a more full understanding of the language concept of Reiki as well as the energetic experience of Reiki, the energy. This is a lovely second chapter of exploring the kanji of Reiki that was begun by Fokke Brink in last week’s program.

2 August 2007 – Fran Brown

Fran Brown is one of the masters that Hawayo Takata taught and initiated. From the beginning of her time with Reiki, Fran has practiced faithfully and with great verve! Her enthusiasm for Reiki has not dimmed after all these years, rather she has acquired many stories, a long lost love, and a way to celebrate life. Tune in for a taste of a great story teller. She is available through her book, «Living Reiki, the Teachings of Takata» and her traveling schedule which is available from her web site. Visit website

9 August 2007 – Phyllis Furumoto

Phyllis is her own guest this week as she goes through a few of the words that are used in the Reiki community. Words such as master, student, grand master, and Reiki connect with each of us in a different way. Having a different «meaning» for the words and a different understanding can separate or can provide a richness of understanding once the attachment to being right is not present. Imagine that we could start our own list of terminology….and create a rich and varied experience through the sharing of how we all come to what our meaning is of these simple but fundamental words that are used in the community. A collection of these words is often referred to as jargon. Yes, we have our own Reiki jargon and often the miscommunication occurs when we do not check the meaning of words that we use with others. This exploration is a good place to start clearing up communication issues with someone!

16 August 2007 – Fokke Brink

«Kanji» is a word for the Japanese characters that are used to communicate concepts with the language. Fokke Brink has made a study of the three kanji that «says» Reiki. He will take his understanding of the origin of the kanji and extend it into his own perspective of Reiki, the energy, and Reiki, the practice. Fokke took Reiki in one of the first classes in the Netherlands and now lives in south Greece. Visit website

23 August 2007 – Phyllis Furumoto

This is Phyllis’ first live show in which she talks about healing and curing and addresses questions like “Why aren’t we healthier since we practice Reiki?” and “What is the goal of this practice?”

30 August 2007 – Pamela Miles

Phyllis will continue her conversation on the definitions of Healing, Curing, and the Energy of Reiki with Pamela Miles, long time energy worker, Reiki practitioner and master, and author of «Reiki, a Comprehensive Guide.» This book has opened another perspective in the Reiki community with her stories and thoughts of working within the established medical community. Her web site is Join us for stimulating conversation! Visit website

13 September 2007 – Pamela Miles

Pamela Miles, holistic health practitioner, is back for a second week! This week the conversation is back to a simple but very subjective question, What is Reiki? I speak about the energy of Reiki. Stay tuned to the program this week for a discussion of other words that Pamela feels is more descriptive and less provocative. This is not our first conversation on this topic. Look forward to a stimulating discussion. If you wish to connect more deeply with Pamela, she has authored, REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide (Tarcher/Penguin), and her web site address is . She is deeply interested in the public and professional practice of Reiki as well as supporting the practice of all levels of Reiki students. Visit website

20 September 2007 – Tove Midtgaard

As Tove came to Reiki, she was able to see the evidence of energy through Kirlian Photography and then by measuring the vibrational levels of her clients with a pendulum. When I heard her speak about this I assumed she was proving the existence of Reiki. She soon brought me to see that her experiences do not prove that Reiki existed for her, but allowed an understanding of how Reiki, the energy, was affecting those who came in contact with Reiki through treatments or initiations. Thus she has been able to assess people’s response to Reiki. Additionally has come to understand more clearly how Reiki lifts our vibration not just for a few minutes but seemingly for the rest of our lives! Listen in and make your own conclusions!

27 September 2007 – Kate Jones

Kate Jones has been involved in The Reiki Association of the UK since its beginning and has been involved in the RRWG (Reiki Regulatory Working Group) for the last few years. 20 years ago I was asked by teacher in a spiritual healer’s program in London if I were teaching Reiki and expecting the students to go into the public and «heal?» My response was «No, that what I taught was first and foremost a personal healing process that could be applied to others also.» Over the next weeks there will be other interviews that concern the emerging public practice focus in different countries. For many Reiki students there is not a difference between what I call the folk art practice on the self and family and the public practice. Now this difference is being explored and clarified by the work of such bodies as the RRWG in the UK. Use these interviews as resources for yourself and your local Reiki community. Or get a feeling for how to find a Practitioner if you have not experienced Reiki before. Visit website

4 October 2007 – Joyce Winough

Joyce was looking for a sail boat and found Reiki! When she met Reiki in Honolulu, the presence of Hawayo Takata was still there in her students and the practice of Reiki that spread throughout the islands from the 40 years of her practice. Joyce’s experience of meeting some of her students as many of the island students do, inspired her to live Reiki in an everyday way. Then she had an opportunity to have a special focus of Reiki Treatments on Molokai with the community of people who have Hansen’s disease. Listen in for a glimpse of a unique Reiki experience.

11 October 2007 – Marta Getty

Marta Getty was one of the first masters initiated after Hawayo Takata’s death in 1980. She had the chance in her early years of teaching to go to Australia. She and Beth Gray, a master initiated by Hawayo Takata, landed in Australia within months of each other. Marta has continued going back to Australia over the years renewing her love of the land. Reiki has blossomed there as in all parts of the world. A warm feeling of gratitude for these two masters who traveled to a far away land and found their own homeland. Beth Gray also continued teaching in Australia until a stroke left her unable to travel. Listen to a story of how Reiki flows around the world. There will be more pioneering stories coming in the next weeks of the show.

18 October 2007 – Phyllis Furumoto

Phyllis is on the road, traveling in Great Britain now. She is going to be live this afternoon to update the listeners with the themes of the show, the description of Public and Professional practice, and to take any questions that listeners have on any reiki related topic!

25 October 2007 – Francis Ecury Saponara

Francis and I met in a cafe near the Hook of Holland ferry terminal for the interview. Interestingly enough, when we were first in the cafe only a couple of other people were there. Then as the hour went by, more and more people came in until I didn’t know whether this would actually work. The topic of our chat encompassed healing and curing, surrender and trust, and a Reiki way of lIfe. Join us for an intimate chat.

1 November 2007 – Jolanda van Herk

Jolanda has followed her Reiki path and it lead her to working in the field of Public Integration of Complementary and Alternative Therapies in the Netherlands. Trying to interface between the Medical community and the CAT community was stimulating and sometimes frustrating. She has come out of this experience with great clarity about public practice for Reiki practitioners, what is needed in the Netherlands, and what is a good course of action for any group of Reiki students wishing to take the steps towards a more professional approach when practicing Reiki as a public practitioner.

8 November 2007 – Martin Ouwerkerk

This discussion of What is Reiki? and What happens during an initiation? Is a mind tingler! Martin’s language and approach to Reiki shows his perspective of being a Chemist and a researcher. My mind was stimulated as my experiences were spoken through an entirely different language. I was excited for days after the interview! Join us as I try to keep up with Martin, his theories of Reiki, and his nimble mind! Remember that we all have theories! And these are a great place to start exploring the edges of the unknown.

15 November 2007 – Juergen Kindler

In most of my interviews, I am careful not to have the names of Masters and the form of a Reiki system mentioned. I trust that it allows the speakers to be «Reiki» without the differences of practice or philosophy to be in the way of the listener. In this case, I allowed Juergen to speak of our relationship and his practice. His ecumenical nature, from the very beginning of our conversations 20 years ago, greatly supported my desire to be the same. Juergen has been a steady influence in the German-speaking Reiki community through his open way of being, his publication «The Reiki Magazin» in German, and his seminars and workshops that he facilitates with other masters of other forms of Reiki.

22 November 2007 – Gordon Melvin

In my search for interesting Reiki Stories, I have found Gordon Melvin while I was traveling in the UK! His beginnings with Reiki were challenging and gave him a chance to experience following a calling to Reiki, the energy that intrigued him. This is a theme in his life as he followed a calling to become a priest of the Church of England, then to serve as a hospital chaplain, and now in a transition period to teaching the Enneagram, treating people with Reiki, and seeing them in Life Coaching sessions. His stories are wonderfully universal in nature and told with his special sense of humor and style.

6 December 2007 – Peter Coates and Heather Buglear

Heather and Peter met while sharing Reiki in their local share group, as they say in the UK! They have gone on to use Reiki extensively in their lives privately and in their business. Peter was inspired one day reading a magazine in the States, while waiting for Heather who was in training for mastership! Peter never went on this path (yet) but has expressed his mastership in the way he has realized his dream of serving others through the media of the internet. The combination of skill, human connection through their practice of Reiki, and their decision making, which has been influenced by their Reiki way of Life, has resulted in a successful love and business relationship. Inspiring!

13 December 2007 – Valerie Beaumont

I met Valerie at the UK Association gathering in October. The instant I met her I wanted to interview her! Her response was «I don’t know if I have anything to say!» The stories that she shared during the interview touches a deep core of our humanity. And these situations often raise the question, «What is the right thing to do?» She has made decisions that are courageous and in surrender to the practice of Reiki. Join us and be inspired by her trust and common sense.

20 December 2007 – Elsa and Elina van der Heijden

Elsa, Wim, and Elina van der Heijden are all Reiki Masters, expressing their practice in their own way and having come to mastery in their own path. It seems that their separate but connected paths in their lives and in Reiki are expressed over and over in this interview as «just normal.» For many people in the world, being on the path of Reiki is unusual. Being a Reiki Master is a step that is unusual. And having three people in a family of four seems unusual, but not for these three! Each of us in Reiki have our own path and this is a blessing. Having family who share this path is another blessing. Having family and Reiki partners that work together while maintaining autonomy is another blessing. I find this family holding these blessings with great humor and by being «normal!»

27 December 2007 – Diane and Britney Ellis

Grandmother Diane and granddaughter Britney share their lives together in more ways than the usual one. They have become Reiki students and through this practice have yet another bond. In a world where teenagers tend to be confronted with many pitfalls, Britney’s life is supported by the mutual practice of Reiki with Diane. And Reiki assists Diane in keeping up with Britney! Not to mention the practical everyday miracles that abound in a Reiki Way of Life.