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Post treatment

We are heading for the first day of summer soon…June 21 and the weather here in southern Arizona is getting hot. It feels good. The plants outside are adjusting and my gardenias are in bloom! I went to get my hair cut yesterday and there was actually enough hair to cut! It is very short and I will try to get a photo on the blog soon! Such an amazing metamorphosis in and out.

My right chest area is has not had any tingling or itching sensation for a few days and the nipple area is getting less and less red. My arm is doing well and the lymph seems to be finding its way over and out! I have been receiving Lymph drainage massage each week and will continue to do so for another three weeks.

I am still walking and now the 35-45 minutes are going by very quickly! So wonderful. The last week I have been going to the fitness center here…and after the walking I am doing 20 minutes or so of floor exercises with a ball or lifting a few weights. I am going light for a while! It feels so good! My meals are slimming down to smaller ones with a lot more salad. It is good. I even have celery sticks already made in the frig! So my next project is losing weight.

I am also starting on hormone therapy which means that I take a very small pill each night. This pill keeps my body from producing estrogen which is what fed my tumor. This is good in the medical sense because they can do something about it. I am also going to start eating more seaweed, fish, and other sources of iodine…maybe even take some because I hear that iodine prevents the growth of tumors and also I think my thyroid could use some. Getting healthier than when I started this whole journey is my goal.

Joyce is gone to the Alliance conference and I am so glad to be home. It is such a draw, traveling ……………………………………………………………………………………and it is good to be home. I am thrilled.

Now that this stage of my life is moving into another one, I am thinking about this Blog. What shall I do? Continue to write as I go along the unknown road of «what is next.?» I will see if I have inspiration.

I would appreciate a few more weeks of Reiki to move the chemo and the radiation out from my body and to have the hormone therapy started without issue. Not to mention my weight.

The fingernails are better! And the teeth too! Whew!

That’s it for now.

Love, Phyllis