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7 more treatments to go!

Hello out there! Well, I have 7 more treatments to go and these will be concentrated on the area where the surgeon took out the tumor. This is just above and a little to my right of my nipple (kind of shy about saying it but don’t want you to be shy about treating it!). They did a trial run the other day and this part of my breast just turned almost black! Was scary. But with Reiki and the ointment, it is fine now…and was a few hours later! What a miracle!

I have been trying to work on a schedule for 2011 as well as the two trips I am taking in 2010. This is more of a challenge than I thought! One of the challenges is to let go of many of my dreams ……………… the European student gathering. I feel that the time is not right for this….people are feeling the financial pressure, I am uncertain of their willingness to make this gathering a priority, I don’t have the energy to organize it now and to imagine committing to being there, and on and on. I wonder if this is because I have some latent guilt feelings about canceling my schedule after my diagnosis? I shall muse on this and send Reiki to explore this place in myself. One of the great gifts I have received is the acceptance and compassion from everyone who has been touched by my change of schedules and needful change of lifestyle. This has been easier to receive than I thought it would be!

Good for me!

Speaking of I had a surprise visit from Bunny Sjogren, Jane Mutti, and Dawn Mills for a couple of days. I am so happy! And they are here now to give me a treatment! Time to sign off!

with my appreciation for all that is happening,