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Radio shows “Reiki – Balancing Form and Essence”

Between 2007 and 2015 Phyllis Furumoto produced about 340 radio shows. She interviewed people of interest in the Reiki world, or just shared what was happening in her life.

Phyllis Furumoto: In my travels through the world of Reiki, I meet many people. All of them have great stories, profound insights given through their practice with Reiki, and inspiring experiences. It is my joy to be able to share these with you through these interviews. I am grateful for the willingness of these students of Reiki to share with you a glimpse of their Reiki path.

These original archival interviews are recorded between 2007 and 2015.

Year 2009

1 January 2009 – Phyllis Furumoto

In the next weeks, cultures all over the world will be celebrating or marking the New Year. In our usual human fashion, sometimes this beginning has within it our own feelings of wanting to be better, wanting to have done something else in our last year, hoping that this year will be different, or celebrating the finish of a good year and looking forward to the next! Whatever the case maybe, join Phyllis in a guided treatment for the New Year. Imagine that there are thousands of others listening to the show from countries around the world and practicing the same treatment together with you. Imagine that you and they are together in the energy of the treatment and with a desire to enter the new year with the grace of a Reiki treatment. Form and Essence join in a treatment to allow the miracles of life to work within our lives. Prepare to listen to the show by lying down, with comfortable clothing, and an hour of time for the gift of Reiki.

8 January 2009 – Phyllis Furumoto

A New Year for us all – Special Encore Presentation! In the next weeks, cultures all over the world will be celebrating or marking the New Year. In our usual human fashion, sometimes this beginning has within it our own feelings of wanting to be better, wanting to have done something else in our last year, hoping that this year will be different, or celebrating the finish of a good year and looking forward to the next! Whatever the case maybe, join Phyllis in a guided treatment for the New Year. Imagine that there are thousands of others listening to the show from countries around the world and practicing the same treatment together with you. Imagine that you and they are together in the energy of the treatment and with a desire to enter the new year with the grace of a Reiki treatment. Form and Essence join in a treatment to allow the miracles of life to work within our lives. Prepare to listen to the show by lying down, with comfortable clothing, and an hour of time for the gift of Reiki.

15 January 2009 – Juergen Kindler

December was a month to take time for stories of Hawayo Takata and revisiting the beginnings of our Global Reiki Community of today. For the remainder of January and February, I will be interviewing Reiki Masters who have had the opportunity to look at the world of Reiki from different perspectives. This series will allow us to take two or three steps back, viewing the horizon of our future and looking at the patterns that have been created in the past. Juergen Kindler is the founder and past editor of the „Reiki Magazin,“ the German language bi-monthly magazine that has been published for 11 years. Juergen founded the magazine reflecting his own philosophy of exploring and exposing the general Reiki community to the different forms of practice known as Reiki. This philosophy has taken him into many explorations of the world wide Reiki movement. I will explore questions such as „What is the gift that Reiki brings to the world?“ „What are the patterns, if any, do you see in the years you have been a Reiki student?“ „Do you have any forecast for the development of Reiki from this time forward?“ Please call in with your questions or comments on this topic!

22 January 2009 – Paul Mitchell

Paul has appeared on the show twice before. It seems that with his many „hats,“ we have the opportunity to partake of his perspective and his understanding of the practice of Reiki. This week, I am interviewing him as the „Head of the Discipline.“ This recognition of his place in the system of Usui Shiki Ryoho is given by many students and masters of Usui Shiki Ryoho. As he travels throughout the world teaching and facilitating various events, his awareness is larger than the event itself. Ever vigilant, he looks for the patterns and the movement of the energy of where students are going with their practice and what questions are in the air. He will share his historical perspective and his own opinion of the Reiki Movement and his perception of the gifts that are being given to the students as they practice Reiki.

29 January 2009 – Oliver Klatt

As we look to different people in our community to give us perspective of where Reiki is going, Oliver holds another point of view for us all. The Reiki Magazin which was founded by Juergen Kindlere and was known for its ecumenical way of being with the different forms of practice that developed, not only in Germany, but throughout the world, is now in a different shift. With Oliver’s taking over the editorship and the simple development of the Reiki community in Germany, the focus of the magazine is now more about all the different aspects and themes around Reiki in a general way including the spiritual aspects of the practice. This seems to be a portend of the shift in the Reiki Community. Oliver has also authored the book „Reiki Systems of the World“ (Lotus Press) which is published in both German and English. Can he take a step back and see these systems as a movement? What is the Reiki Movement in relationship to other movements in the spiritual world culture? What, in his opinion, is our next step? Visit website

5 February 2009 – Pamela Miles

For those of you who have listened to the interviews with Pamela Miles in 2008, you are in for another treat. She has been asked back to join us in this discussion of „Is there a Reiki Movement?“ THROUGH her passion for Public Practice in Reiki and her book, „Reiki; a Comprehensive Guide,“ Pamela has had the opportunity to travel to many countries and connect with the practice as it is progressing in those countries as well as a possible trend in the global consciousness about Reiki. What are her dreams for this practice globally? Does she see trends through the years? Where are these trends leading us? Is there something each of us can do to support the natural development of Reiki being used in mainstream medical treatment? Pamela brings her particular articulate style and provocative ideas to this series of interviews. I am looking forward to her presence on the show! Visit website

12 February 2009 – Susan Mitchell

Hawayo Takata left her legacy of 22 masters to the world. After her passing in December, 1980, these masters were notified of her death and came together, taking next step as masters, some very recently initiated. When Hawayo Takata was asked about her presence and support in the coming years, she would respond, „Let Reiki Teach You!“ In 1982, a group of these masters formed The Reiki Alliance under the recognized lineage bearer, Phyllis Furumoto. As the group began to grow and have a life of its own, Phyllis surrendered the guidance of the group to its Executive Director and Board of Directors. Susan Mitchell, the first Executive Director, served for 11 years. As Reiki was finding its place in the world and thousands of students were initiated, Susan had the possibility of observing the changes and movement in the world of masters. Visit website

19 February 2009 – Nirdosh Samolianov

An avid student of Osho, Nirdosh came to Reiki in 1991 through contact with Hans Treffers. Once he had taken Reiki in his home city of St. Petersburg, he took on the practice with enthusiasm. His interest and overflowing energy coupled with a good command of English made him a consistent organizer of Reiki Classes and events for the foreign masters who traveled to Russia. After his initiation, he has traveled to many countries and become involved with the global Reiki community. A staunch believer in his homeland and the world community, he brings yet, another perspective to this exploration of the (possible) Reiki Movement.

26 February 2009 – Phyllis Furumoto

Is there a Reiki Movement in the World? This has been the question for the last 7 weeks on the show. There have been 7 different approaches and points of view. What constitutes a „movement?“ What is the contribution of Reiki to the world that we live? What lies ahead for us… a society? Are we moving into a world community and what could be the contributions that Reiki has to offer? Or what are the contributions that Reiki is giving to this community? Phyllis will summarize the last interviews and follow up with her viewpoint on these questions.

5 March 2009 – Anasuya Claff

Anasuya met Reiki and Wanja Twan in an ashram in India when she was about 2 years old. Wanja and her mother, Lalita, met and became close as they were living next door to each other. The relationship grew as Lalita responded to a request bringing Wanja to her home for a class in Sydney, Australia. During the preparations for the class, an amazing response came forth in Anasuya and she was initiated at the age of 5. Since then her life has been about her spirituality, her blossoming as a young woman, and her passion for Reiki. Already a vibrant storyteller, she extends the excitement of being alive! Reiki is part of the fabric of her life.

12 March 2009 – Anneli Twan

Anneli and Kristina were two sisters brought up in a house full of Reiki. They lived in a pristine natural environment in the southeast corner of British Colombia called the Kooteneys. These mountain valleys nurtured the people who lived in them and out of these valleys have come many masters. Wanja Twan, having been a student of Hawayo Takata, gave her daughters everything of value. And Reiki was the most valuable thing she could pass on. So at an early age, for most of us, Anneli practiced Reiki, was initiated in Second Degree and then as a Master by her mother, and has no recollection of life without Reiki. Anneli is a peaceful woman, mother and Reiki Master in a place where the practice of Reiki is a natural part of being alive. She has also assisted her mother in compiling books that preserve the history and stories of Reiki in this part of the world.

19 March 2009 – Martijn Hofman

Rose Rendering, a Reiki Master following the call of life, moved from Holland to Northern Norway in the early years of Martijn’s life. Raised as a child of a master, he attended numerous classes observing what happened with his mother’s students and was bathed in the energy of Reiki. A sensitive child, as well as one with a different background, he was often bullied at school. Reiki helped him find a way to nurture himself while keeping on a course that would bring him out into the light of day. Now a young man, Martijn has realized a potent dream for himself. He is living in Scotland and doing work that encourages his creative energy and sharp mind. A dreamer and a gentle soul, Martijn has found strength in his practice of Reiki.

26 March 2009 – Mara Mitchell

In this interview, Mara gives us thought-provoking moments as she describes her early life in northern Idaho. Her parents were both reiki masters, dedicated to a practice that seemed out of the ordinary (to say the least) in the small Idaho community where they settled in 1980. Throughout Mara’s life, she has made decisions that bring her clarity about her boundaries as a human being, as a daughter, and as a reiki student. Now, at the age of 25, she is drawn to start her own public reiki practice, and is using her time in university to acquire the knowledge and skills for her life work. It is obvious that she has many choices. With the energy of reiki in her life, she will seek to balance her own needs and desires with her calling to benefit her community. Stories are her passion. We look forward to reading what emerges from her passionate pen.

2 April 2009 – Michelle Randles

Michelle Randles is the daughter of Inger Droog who has been on the show twice. Raised in and around Nelson, British Columbia as Reiki was beginning to find its place in world as well as in the local community, Michelle found herself being initiated in Reiki at the age of 10. Through Wanja Twan and other masters in the area, Reiki became a part of the life of her mother as well as hers. Michelle has used her connection with the earth and with herself to find a career in Human Resources in Learning and Development. Reiki as an energy and as a practice is simply a part of her. There is no need to find the before and after, because there is no line of demarcation. As a master, her expression is not necessarily that of teaching and supporting students, which was her mother’s expression. Always being aware, she is finding her place and time with mastery. A new generation of students/masters has emerged and now is taking its place in the Reiki community and in our world community. Inspiring!

9 April 2009 – Kathy Araki

Kathy Araki was initiated by Hawayo Takata at the age of 17 years old with her siblings, shortly after her parents had met Takata Sensei and become initiated in Reiki. Reiki made an immediate impression and impact in Kathy’s life. She became interested in holistic medicine and health, moving towards an eventual practice of soft tissue medicine through massage, Reiki and other manual and energetic modalities. A couple of years before his passing, her father, George, initiated her as a master. He was a master of HawayoTakata and was committed to the research of Reiki and other healing modalities. Kathy carries a quiet and steady energy that comes from her Japanese American background as well as her deep caring for human beings and the earth.

16 April 2009 – Jennifer Morgan

My parents first became interested in energy work when they were trying to help me heal from a bone cyst. They discovered Reiki! After my arm had healed, they were initiation in the 80’s. Reiki fast became a way of life in our family. I remember when my parents first started giving Reiki treatments we (my sisters and I) thought „great mom and dad are up to more yofoo stuff.“ Yofoo was our word for something they were into that was suppose to be good for you but we, as kids, didn’t like it, a cross between yogurt and tofu. Which now days I like just like Reiki. Then I had a couple of personal experience that made me change my mind and later asked to be initiated. I was initiated when I was 19, then took 2nd degree when I was 25. It was the same week my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We all treated her and the process of her passing, though very painful, was also strengthened by our family bond of Reiki. Now there are several generations of our family practicing Reiki and it has become a household word!

23 April 2009 – Marc de Meijer

Marc comes from a family who has been practicing Reiki for over 20 years. His mother and father were in the first classes that Inger Droog taught in the Netherlands (Holland). They came to Reiki after being in the theatre and being committed to communal living. Their household was often filled with people. Soon after their introduction to Reiki, the house became filled with people practicing Reiki. For the three boys, of which Marc is the eldest, this became commonplace and a vital part of their family life. Over the years, Marc found his Reiki practice to be steady guidance in his spiritual life as well as his family life. Now 34 and deeply committed to the work of a cameraman and the film industry, his recent initiation as a master is leading him to find another expression of Reiki in his life.

7 May 2009 – Marco Casazza

As a young man, Marco came into contact with Reiki and it was a match! His career as an actor both on stage and on television developed at the same time as he moved into being a master and a frequent interpreter for the Italian community for Reiki events. His astute perceptions of how these two passions run parallel courses through his life is fascinating. His application of Reiki and his understanding of the practice serves him in his next step of taking on directing for stage.

14 May 2009 – Regina O’Mahony

When I first met Regina, some 15 years ago, she was a very busy Reiki Practitioner in Ireland and a great advocate of the development of a training program for Reiki practitioners. She put everything into Reiki and assisted the governmental relationship with the Reiki community to have a good foundation, as well as teaching and having a treatment practice. Then she came to a point in her life to find the balance of having personal time as well. So she let her outer Reiki practice go and retreated to her personal practice. A few months ago, she had a realization that she needed to start teaching again! Immediately there was response and she is back to treating people and preparing to teach. This comes from a different place inside of her and there is a great respect for needing this balance in everyday life. We welcome Regina back and trust that her balanced place will benefit the Irish community as well.

21 May 2009 – Chips Morton

Chips Morton is one of those people that you meet and instantly like her, admire her, and want to be a part of whatever she has going on! And one of the things that has touched her deeply is her practice of Reiki. She admits that sometimes she does not do her formal self treatment but whenever there is a need, Reiki is the first thing on the menu. Her passion is in community work. Her involvement in the local Reiki community makes you wish that you had a Chips right in your community too! Get inspired and see if there is a community waiting for you!

28 May 2009 – Jule-Erina van Calker

Jule-Erina is a master with a mission. When she discovered Reiki and learned the practice, her attention was drawn to the „other side of the wall.“ Living in Berlin, she was aware daily the Wall was there. As Reiki moved in her life, she was given the opportunity to visit the East and to begin a series of journeys into East Berlin to teach Reiki. Recounting her experiences and how this affected her own life, is an inspiring story. The question of „What is freedom?“ is a reoccurring one in her story. What is freedom for us now? Personally as well as politically?

4 June 2009 – Paul Prakash Dennis

Paul Prakash Dennis found Reiki in 1990, just a year after he was diagnosed with a mental illness which was then called Manic Depression and is now known as Bipolar Disorder. In those days drugs were the way to go but it took Paul 14 years trying all the main mood balancing drugs before he found one that really helped in maintaining his equilibrium. During the nineteen years that he has been practicing Reiki, Paul has tried many options to assist his conscious choice in the true ups and downs of his emotional and energetic life. Reiki and the Reiki community have played a prominent role in his feeling as though there is a way to live with his condition while maintaining relationships and having a practice. What are termed as „mental disorders“ are slowly becoming another quirk in a person’s make up. No longer relegated to an institution, Paul and others like him are learning to live with his condition and create a productive and caring life.

11 June 2009 – Beatrice von Schlick

A traveler from an early age, Beatrice has lived in many cultures and with many languages. She is now involved in her own inner journey of self-realization through Reiki. 20 years ago, in a desperate state she met Reiki through intervention of a friend. Now she is deeply committed to the path of Reiki and the journey of the Self. Healing has come to her through treatments, the precepts, and simply following the impulses that are presented through her life with Reiki. A joy to listen to, Beatrice has a great sense of humor, humility, and sweet integrity.

18 June 2009 – Grant Melcher

Having just attended a First Degree Class that finished the day before the interview, Grant gives us the energy and enthusiasm of a new student. Keeping with one of his other practices, Zen Meditation, he refers to „beginner mind.“ For those of you who can remember when you were in beginner mind, Grant inspires with the gusto of his plunge into this practice and his willingness to apply it to all of his living. Having the gift of sharing himself without self consciousness, his candor warms the heart and touches a deep cord of resonance.

25 June 2009 – David Bandas

One of David’s gifts is his methodicalness. This means that there is a method and he explores each nuance in detail. This makes for great stories and also thoughtfulness around his practice. He discovered Reiki, however, through a magical set of circumstances and weaves this through his Reiki life with delight. His way of being with his First and Second Degree practice is inspirational as well as confirming. On his path as an aspiring Master, David takes his next steps into the practice with eyes open!

2 July 2009 – Phyllis Furumoto

This is the beginning of the third year of the program! And Phyllis is on to let you listeners know what is next. The program will continue to be accessed through Modavox, 7th Wave network, at the end of July (date unknown) the program will be switched to another URL which is the web site for Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. This URL will be published on the e card for the next interviews and over the air. Stay tuned! In keeping with the shift of site, the program now shifts to another theme, „Reiki gives you Health, Happiness, and Long Life! Another one of the sayings from Hawayo Takata. Phyllis shares her interpretation and process with this saying as well as her connection to the next thirty years of her own life! A quiet time with Reiki comes at the end of her sharing allowing listeners to partake in the energy of this concept for themselves.

9 July 2009 – Gloria Staackmann

In this new theme for our show, Gloria is a great inspiration! And she is not doing anything but being herself, on many levels. She accepts with gracefulness her life as it is and makes the most of it. There are many times when it would seem that giving up might be an option. Her option is Reiki and a way of holding each challenge as a gift. I enjoyed my time with Gloria and am inspired to receive, receive, receive.

16 July 2009 – Lori Sato

Lori came to her Reiki practice three years ago. As she begin practicing Reiki, her life began to come clearer. A Japanese American woman, Lori lived in Japan during her childhood and then again as a young adult. Her connection with her Japanese heritage and her practice of Reiki lends an interesting dimension to „Reiki brings you health, happiness, and long life!“

23 July 2009 – Gretchen Munsey

Gretchen has many facets of her busy life. One of them is being Jeff’s Mom! Jeff had an accident at the age of nineteen in which he sustained a brain injury. A few years later he needed brain surgery. Determined to live life on his own and with a kind of dignity, he enlisted his mother in supporting his wish. Reiki has been a consistent support to both of them as they balance what may be easy with what contains an appropriate amount of independence for Jeff. As he comes to one hurdle after another, they both learn, along with the rest of the family, what is important for each of them. Quality of life, dignity, and sheer stubbornness sometimes are priorities for Jeff. How has Gretchen managed to live her own life while being there in support of Jeff?

30 July 2009 – Noor-un-nisa

A pioneer in many senses of the word, Joan Smith (now known as Noor-un-nisa) settled in a remote area along the border of British Colombia, Canada and the United States some 36 years ago. Looking for community and a way to live in the natural world, she and her partner at the time settled into a place that nourished these needs. Having raised a sustainable garden, three children, numerous animals, and a clear vision of self, Noor brings to the Reiki community the understanding that Connection is the key. Reiki opens the connection of self and the natural world into individual consciousness. With this connection, she has found a peace that is evident in her eyes and the way she moves in her multi-faceted world.

6 August 2009 – Collene Delaney

From the beginning of her time as a Reiki student in 1983, Collene has integrated her work in the medical center and university settings with her practice. She was one of the founders of the Reiki/AIDS project in Seattle. Then as her work with Reiki deepened she offered ways for others to grow and develop within. All of this came to a culmination in April of this year when she discovered a small cancer spot in her left breast. Always one for springing into action, she lost no time in finding the „right“ support and care for herself. Reiki is the river that runs through her life and her decisions.

13 August 2009 – Collene Delaney

Collene Delaney is back with the „end of her story“ and a chance to share with you some of the deeper experiences of her experience with having been diagnosed with breast cancer. The odd thing is that soon after the last program, I was also diagnosed with having a tumor in my breast! It was a shock and it is also interesting to notice what comes up in people when the word cancer is mentioned. And what has come up in me! Interesting that this series, which will end next week, is about Health, Happiness, and Long Life.

20 August 2009 – Kate Jones

Having been on the show before when we were exploring public practice, Kate comes back with her own story of Reiki, quality of life, and amazing response! When I hear her story of a long time issue with menstrual period pain, I am amazed that she was able to do all the things she does in a day, in a week, and in a year. Now she has passed a mark of some kind where the pain and discomfort is gone. Freedom from pain has given her a new source of energy. Her story is one of opening to the divine, using all that she has gained from her years of Reiki practice, and being willing to go deeply into her own life story. Not a success story in the usual sense, but another example of how Reiki works in our lives.

27 August 2009 – Phil Morgan

In this interview, I found that Phil had a close and kindly relationship to death from his early childhood as his father was a funeral director. Perhaps this familiarity has allowed him to take Reiki into this most private and compelling situation, a person’s last days of life. Throughout his time as a Reiki student and master, he has found ways to accompany many people in these times, including his three life partners. At the age of 68, Phil has just supported the passing of Ellen, his last wife. He shares with simplicity the way that these three women used Reiki to fulfill their wishes.

3 September 2009 – Winthrop Wiltshire

Anatomy of Worry. There are nine elements that describe a system of practice, Usui Shiki Ryoho. One of these elements is Precepts. Today, Winthrop is focusing on „Just for Today, Do not Worry“. Most of the time when one reads this for the first time, the first thought is „How is this possible?“ Winthrop has a way of working with language, his scientific logic, and his feeling for the precept. He has gathered his inner forces and gives us a way to go deeply into our own anatomy of mind and find the places that worry has a foothold. This interview lives in me and in my own practice.

10 September 2009 – Fran Freeman

Just for Today, Do not Anger. A precept that is often reworded and reworked, Fran has taken a long and lightening journey with this precept. Throughout her years of Reiki practice, Fran has learned that the precepts, and this one included, stimulate insights and new ways of being. Her other interests, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and teaching special needs children, have had an influence in the way she has worked with the precept. She shares these insights with us as well as her passion for acceptance and understanding.

17 September 2009 – Donna Stetser

Through a most spectacular thunder and lightening storm, Donna and I had a conversation about Honor, Gratitude, and Mystic Order! We started out with the precept, Honor your parents, teachers, and elders. As Donna spoke about her experiences and self awareness that were connected with the precept, it seemed evident that she was connected to the precept, Show gratitude to Every Living Thing. Donna’s journey from control, rigid thinking, and „safety at all costs“ to her way of holding the precepts as a gateway to the mystic, unspeakable experiences of life gives us all inspiration to have courage to apply the precepts and their teachings in our every day life. Visit website

24 September 2009 – Gerri Jackson

The precept that was left to Gerri was Earn you living Honestly. As it turned out, this was the perfect one for her! Starting with an amazing story of her first Reiki treatment to her story of how the precept was demonstrated in her life. Gerri shared from her heart and her experience a choice betweeen: Working to live and Living to Work. This is a way to check to see if work is the focus of your life or is living the focus of your life. A challenging and insightful question for us all. Earn your living honestly is not really so much about the laws of a country but the integrity and purpose behind what we choose to do in our lives.

1 October 2009 – Beatrice von Schlick

Beatrice opens the element of Initiation. Often thought of as the most important of the elements, initiation is one of nine elements. The initiation is an experience; the other elements assist the student in taking the next steps into the practice, using the experience of initiation as a stillpoint. Beatrice, from her passion of language, takes us on a journey into the meaning and the sense of initiation as it applies to our human life. As a marker of another stage of our human journey, initiation or attunement is vital. This marker appeared in her religious life as a child and was a part of the French culture in which she lived. A stimulating discussion, Beatrice brings her humor and her touching openness to this interview for you, the listener.

8 October 2009 – Kristin Bonney

From childhood Kristin had a fascination with ancient Egypt and Greece. When she met Reiki, she felt that she had „come home‘ in more ways than one. Throughout her years in Reiki, Kristin has found the mystery of the initiations comforting and intriguing. It was a late night when we recorded the interview…..but the main issue was that we reached a point where there were no more words! Initiations lead us into the unknown parts of our lives and into the mystery of being human.

15 October 2009 – Claire O’Shea

As each master addresses the topic of initiation, there is a clear portrait of the experience, the individual’s personality, and the elusive nature of our topic. Claire brings her logical practical mind as well as her intuitive self as she answers many of the questions that students have asked me over the years. It seems that these questions have a practical answer as well as the possibility that we are all fulfilling our destiny, forming an energetic network that has been in place lifetimes ago. What are we doing? How does it work? No matter….it works! And that is what we know!

22 October 2009 – Aleema Fontaine

In traveling through different cultures, I have experienced the difference in how people integrate their Reiki practice and the ideals of Reiki. Aleema has shared Reiki in three distinctive cultures and her awareness of the similarities and the differences allows us to understand the bigger picture of initiation, its place in our lives, and how initiation can touch us. We also shared stories of initiations which brought us to the power of recognition as a part of the initiation. Mystery, Mystical, Magic. These are all words that have been used to describe or explain the initiation experience. How do you describe your own? An interesting question for all of us

29 October 2009 – Phyllis Furumoto

In the last 30 years Phyllis has had many experiences with initiation, the element of the system and an element of being human. What does Initiation mean to a human being? Where does initiation fit in our modern society and understanding of the way things work? Why do they need to be secret? How did the initiations come to us from Mikao Usui? All these questions are a path of learning within the practice of Reiki.

5 November 2009 – Rosina Wiltshire

Today we are shifting to the element of money. In the past, having money as a clear element of a system that included healing and spirit was controversial at the best! Rosina’s experience of money in her life is one of abundance and care. It was not that money would „fly out of the sky“ but money was a gift that if cared for, it would multiply. Her matter of fact nature and clarity of thought challenges many of the assumptions that have been made by some of us growing up.

12 November 2009 – Bonnie Barker

Money, Money, Money! Sometimes it seems like the most elusive thing that we have in our lives. The acquisition of money can be a challenge, a puzzle, and a gift of personal development on all levels. Bonnie shares candidly with us her ups and downs of money in all of its dimensions. Many of us can empathize with her as she tells her stories. And as all Reiki stories go, there is a happy ending!

19 November 2009 – Nur Stepanova

In our conversations about money, the topic of countries outside of the „West“ arises. Nur does not represent the Russian experience but as a long time student of Reiki from Russia her perspective gives us a glimpse of differences and similarities. The element of money has been a challenge that has been well met in this community. Because of her knowledge of English and her willingness to serve others, Nur was one of the first interpreters in Russia for the masters who came from the outside to teach Reiki. She has participated in many workshops and events through the years. Her history and passion for Reiki is a platform from which she shares her view point of money as an element of the practice.

26 November 2009 – Carlos Sanchez

A member of the master community in Argentina, Carlos has been involved in the conversations of money and the practice of Reiki for the last 14 years. The conversations have lead the participating masters into deep personal sharing and a way of accepting that each of them also must do what is necessary for themselves. Not always in agreement and not always knowing the answers, the use of money in daily life as well as a part of the system has given this community a richness of relationship. Visit website

3 December 2009 – Sholpan Primbetova

Here is a woman with a mission! Sholpan had the opportunity to attend university in New York City and could not refuse this. She left her young son and her native Kazakhstan for two years to attend university, receiving her MSW (Master of Social Work) this year. As fortune would have it, she was offered a position in Almaty, Kazakhstan and is looking forward to using Reiki in many ways. She wants to make a difference in her country and has the potential to be one of the movers of social education. Reiki has changed her life and she has the dream to offer this to others through treatments. We will come back to her in a year or so and see what has happened. In the meantime, share her dreams. Perhaps you have an experience to offer her in support!

10 December 2009 – Elizabeth Valsala

As a dedicated Reiki practitioner and master, Elizabeth brings to the listener many different experiences of treatment. Her sense of humor as well as her commitment to listening are great assets to her practice in treating others. As she describes her treatments, you have a feeling of the sensitivity that naturally comes with Reiki as well as the acceptance of what happens! Visit website

17 December 2009 – Karen Johnson

From the snowy and cold north of Canada, Karen is having one of those times where many of the elements have interconnected through her. Money, spiritual lineage, and treatment are the obvious ones, but as we explore deeper this is the interaction of all of the elements together. Karen’s vocation is teaching. She finds out that treatment, both giving and receiving, can also be a way of giving and receiving teaching.

24 December 2009 – Marta Getty

Happy Birthday, Hawayo Takata! This is the 109th anniversary of Hawayo Takata’s birth on the island of Kauai! At the beginning of the show, Marta recalls the experience of meeting Hawayo Takata in 1980 (shortly before her 80th birthday), impressions of Takata Sensei as a master and person, and how this meeting touched Marta’s life. Then she shares her reiki experiences of sending and receiving distant Reiki treatments. This is a method that is given in Second Degree and over the years, provides students with extraordinary experiences. These experiences become part of the „real“ world and the next step is taken. This step is the conscious exploration of healing ourselves and our family within.

31 December 2009 – Phyllis Furumoto

The last day of 2009, complete with a full moon and a blue moon! Phyllis shares an overview of her life, how the year followed the I Ching reading that she had last January 1, and the thoughts of the moment. Through her experiences and questions, Phyllis opens the door for listeners to look back on their lives and the events that have brought their next steps. She speaks about spiritual lineage and each of us being the „point of the spear“ for our family’s lineage. At the end, Phyllis leads a Reiki Treatment with a meditation. The music is from Plinio Cutait (Brazil) on the album, Egregoria. Rick Bockner comes in after the show’s end with „Fragments of Perfection. “ Happy New Year from Phyllis to all of you, perfect as you are!