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Earthquake in and out

It has been several days since the earthquake in Japan occurred and the tsunami touched the shores of Japan, Hawaii, and then California. I had two intense connections to this happening. One was when the announcer on the news said that the last major earthquake Japan had experienced was in 1917. I thought of the story that Mikao Usui and some of his students went into the streets and treated people. They were recognized by the people as having been a visible support for the people who were affected. I wondered if Reiki students in Japan were again going into the streets and being able to treat people and support them. I also thought of my dream of having a group of Reiki students who were already prepared to go into these kinds of areas ready to treat people and assist with their issues. Now, in this modern day of organization, this group would need to go as a part of some governmental recognized group. And it is a great dream of mine.

Then I had another thought about how the waves traveled from japan to Hawaii to California, just as Reiki did.

Then I thought, maybe I am just not seeing the destruction and chaos that has occurred in these places and am I unfeeling? I have had to think about this for the last few days. I have received emails from many people about Japan and my family there. I do have family there but I am not connected with them at all. And they would be mostly in the southern part of the island, which has not been affected.

Now I am writing having decided that I must write something and perhaps in writing, I would figure it all out. well, I haven’t. So I must accept the way I feel and be okay with this.

What I have learned in my practice of Reiki is that life and death comes upon me without warning. All of a sudden a part of me is dying, and mostly, it is a painful death. The length of time I suffer is really up to me. If I resist then I suffer a great deal! I also see that life gives me whatever is my next challenge…we live on and with the earth. She/He is a force and entity of its own. Magnificent! Scary sometimes! Awesome! Inspiring! Serene beyond belief! All of these we have experienced in our lives and now in the lives of those in northern Japan.

I am touched by their panic and their losses. This is my projection. I am touched by the powerful waves that swept up the huge ocean liners and barges like matchsticks. This awakens my fear. I am touched by the number of people lost without ceremony and remembering. This is my worry. I am touched by the shock waves that have gone around the world …………………………………………………..even to predictions about the world economy. This amazes me.

What is it I can do? What is my relationship to them? to the events? This is what I am musing about.

I do have relationship. More than some of the other happenings at other times because I have a connection with Japan that has grown within me in the last decades of practice. What also has grown in me is a deep respect for the Japanese people, their resiliency demonstrated after the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and their willingness to be at peace. I trust in their abilities and at the same time hope that when assistance is needed, they will ask and it will be given.

Can or should we take away their pain? Their suffering? Their ability to rise up to the situation and come back to life again, just as many other communities have had to do in the past?

What do we do when we send Reiki there? I love the thought of doing this as I feel it connects us to what is there. However, what really is happening when we do this? I would love to have some thoughts about this ……still in confusion about this.

New Topic!

Today I went in to have my yearly mammogram. Now this is in March because this was when I ended my chemo therapy. I will not know the results for a few days. Weird! I felt very vulnerable this morning afterwards and felt myself contract into a little fear. I gave myself some Reiki and realized that what ever happens…I am doing my best and I will meet the next steps as I did this one.

Will let you know what the results are when I get them.

Meanwhile, hormone therapy is going well. I am gaining in strength and feel as though I am losing weight which may go together! And look forward to the time I am not always looking „over my shoulder.“

with trust in our world,