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A year anniversary

It is early in the morning on the 22 of August. My birthday. Last year at this time, I was recovering from my surgery, greeting people who were arriving for the OGM Retreat and my birthday celebration, and wondering whether I was going to be able to travel to Almaty Kazachstan! I still am recovering my attention and concentration, my physical body is gradually getting stronger, and mentally I am in a different place. It is good to have taken a week to be in Canada and to have such a wonderful holiday.

On the anniversary of my surgery, I was in Nelson, BC, Canada, where I lived in the early 1980s. I was able to visit with long time friends, some of whom did not know about my journey with cancer. It was good to look back, recount my journey and reflect on it. It has been such a gift and I feel that I am in such a good place with myself. And to visit with my Canadian family ………..a time to renew connection and, to again, feel the blessings of my time with Michael Hartley during the 1980s.

Now I am back in northern Idaho where I lived recently and still have my office. I am resting, taking time for myself, and contemplating what is next. The answer always is „I don’t know!“ Something is starting to come and I don’t know the expression of the energy or where it will lead me. So the best thing for me is to concentrate on losing weight, keeping on the program from the Nathropath (which I am doing with pleasure), and being conscious of exercise whenever possible.

In celebration of another year in this life, I am going with Joyce to play golf at Stoneridge. This is a wonderful golf course near here where I learned to play golf in the company of some great people! Then I will see if I have the energy to go out for dinner or not.

Thank you for your continued attention and support. The greatest birthday gift for me would be Reiki.

Looking forward to the rest of today!


PS Hoping to upload some photos in the next posting ………………………………………………………………..