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The work with Jessica over the weekend of March 6-7 was fabulous. I, not only had fun, but was able to be in a circle of Reiki and wonderful people who came together with a resounding Yes! During the percussion sessions, something turned inside of me. As though the internal spiral changed directions and now the spiral was moving outward rather than inward. It was a good change of direction. Since then my scope of attention has increased and I am able to imagine a future. It is interesting to notice. This does not mean that I felt I would die ….but there was this increasing focus on the end of the spiral! Now, with the change of direction, I have a different focus. The discipline for me …..will be to care for myself in my future!

Now I am engaged in a two week training and initiation of three masters. These women were to have been initiated last year but waited until I felt able to engage again in this work. Jolanda comes from Ireland, Tatiana from Russia, and Nora from California. They are a great trio and being with them has drawn me back into this teaching. Today I will initiate them. This means that I will stand in the initiation energy for the first time since last June! I know that this will be an initiation for myself. Trusting in Reiki and in the energy that brought us together now, I am starting on another journey within my practice of Reiki.

We will be going to the Kenyon Ranch, the place that I will be offering events and time together for the next years. I have a dream that this will be a place for me and the Reiki community to come home to. The land there will support me energetically as the initiations come through.

Physically, I am much better most days. Sometimes I have a feeling of the chemo coursing through my body and I am concentrating on detoxing my liver and kidneys. Still drinking herb teas! Oranges are back on the menu since my nouth has recovered from the chemo. Lots of water and more and more movement. My legs are definitely not strong and walking around the block is an effort …………….but I am determined to keep going as I have gained 20 pounds during the chemo period. Now it is coming off! Thank Goodness but I would like to keep going until I feel good in my physical body again.

I am anxious about the radiation treatments that are coming up in April. I go on Tuesday for a simulation. They will tatoo the place where the radiation will go and show me how it will all work. I am treating myself to be open to this experience as I was to the chemo. I feel the places of unknown again and am wanting to open to this place, especially on a physical level. Physical safety is an old issue of mine! Even though I drive on the autobahn in Germany!

The Reiki has been a quiet and steady support system through this all. My right arm and lymph area has been getting all the attention now as I want to be sure that the new pathways are supported as I go into the radiation treatment.

On another physical level, the monetary support which is flowing in allows me to keep my attention on the present and with this process. I am grateful for this, feeling again and again the joy, caring, and gratitude that this money carries. The months ahead stretch into a long year without working and having expenses that I usually don’t have in my budget! It would be easy to go into fear and anxiety. I am trusting in Reiki to carry me through, and you are a part of Reiki. Thank you.

With all that I have ……………….My health, my support team locally and globally, and my family…I am rich beyond measure.