This is another way to experience having Reiki in one’s life. Many people are not called to be Reiki students but want to experience the benefits of Reiki treatments. When being treated for a chronic (long term) condition, the suggested program is to have 4 formal treatments in four consecutive days. After this preparation of the body, the ideal is to continue with daily treatments until the condition changes or the recipient needs to have a short break in the treatments to integrate. Chronic conditions take years to develop, and though there are reports of miraculous shifts of physical symptoms, it can take many months for the person to work through all the different phases of the healing process.

For accidents, shock, and injury, the recommended treatment plan is to apply Reiki as quickly as possible for as long as is possible. For instance, having burned oneself on the stove while cooking, turning the stove off and having Reiki applied immediately to the burned area for as long as the sensation of burning persists will often alleviate any other signs of the burn.

Finding a Reiki public practitioner is not easy these days. If you happen to have a friend or family member who has been initiated and practices Reiki, then you are in luck! It is recommended that as the recipient of the treatments, you make sure that there is some kind of exchange for the treatments. This does not have to be money, but needs to have the feeling of completing the exchange of time/energy between the two of you.

If you do not have a friend or family member available, then searching for a master in the area or a reiki public practitioner is not simple. At this time there are no further educational programs preparing public Reiki practitioners. The best alternative is to find a master in your area. It is not necessary to have a master treat you, but they often know of students who have a long term relationship with the practice and have the time and energy to commit to a course of treatments.


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