What makes Usui Shiki Ryoho different than other practices?
 The formal designation of this practice is Usui Shiki Ryoho honoring the spiritual lineage of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, and Phyllis Lei Furumoto.  The lineage traces the development of this particular practice to the present day. 

The form of practice is not able to be shared in writing as it is an oral tradition.  This is one of the differences from some of the other forms of practice.  Please refer to the 9 elements descriptions for more definition.  To know more details, a student or aspiring student may connect with Phyllis or Paul through their BLOGs or through the Contact link. 

Is this the original way Mikao Usui taught and treated people?
As we hear the story of Mikao Usui , his teaching and practice of Reiki was developing as he gained more experience and had an opportunity to make adjustments as was needed. There is an association in Japan dedicated to carrying on the tradition of his practice at the time of his death.

In Usui Shiki Ryoho, we acknowledge the influence of time and social events that have impacted the practice and its form. We do not know which parts of the practice originated from him or were developed later through the years of the other lineage bearers. The source of our inspiration, the practice, and the energy that is passed through to the students originates with Mikao Usui and, therefore, is called Usui Shiki Ryoho…or the Usui System of Natural Healing.

I have had a Reiki treatment but felt nothing. Why is this? Was anything happening?
One of the basic premises of a Reiki practice is to have no expectations.  Sometimes the person treating does not feel any sensation but the person receiving the treatment experiences profound change on a physical and energetic level.  Sometimes this is reversed.  Not feeling anything means that there are no physical sensations occurring.  This does not mean that nothing is happening.  The effect may be occurring on a non-physical level.  Some of us are not sensitive to these sensations….sometimes the sensation or result happens hours or even days after the treatment. 

Reiki treatments are not necessarily a miracle cure.  This energy will assist you in moving through the process that was started inside of you many years ago.  Reiki energy goes to the cause of the imbalance or condition.  We cannot determine this source.  Often it is on the emotional, spiritual, or energetic levels of the being.  As the healing begins, movement happens that is seen sometimes only a few months or years later.  Sometimes it does feel and appear miraculous.  

Do I need to be reinitiated to become a student of this practice?
The belief of this practice is:  Once a person is initiated and has a connection with the energy of Reiki, the initiations do not need to be repeated.   The form of the practice needs to be learned and practiced.  

It is the practice of masters who practice through this Spiritual Lineage not to re-initiate students.  It is important for the student and the master to determine whether the student from another form has actually been initiated into a form of Reiki and is connected.  This can happen through beginning a relationship which includes the exchange of hands on treatment and exploring the lineage and practice of the form that was introduced to the student.  Unfortunately there are forms of practice that are identified as Reiki but are not actually connected to the stream of inspiration provided by Mikao Usui. 

How do I find a Master in my area?
There are a few places to look for connection to a master of this system or of any system.  The first is to contact The Reiki Alliance website (www.reikialliance.com) and go to their search for a master service.  Secondly there are other search services on the web which you will need to ask the questions in order to ascertain what the form of practice is that the master is offering.  Take time to get to know the master and the practice he/she teaches.  This is a decision that will affect your life.  Take your time in deciding.  Be sure that the feeling inside is congruent with your feelings and discernment on the outside.  You may need to travel to start your journey with the master who is the one for you.  See this as a pilgrimage and use the time in waiting to prepare yourself for your life to change and grow. 




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