4 Aspects

Healing Practice, Personal Development, Spiritual Discipline, and Mystic Order.

Healing Practice
The basic practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho is self-treatment, the placement of the student’s hands on their own body, giving Reiki for healing, comfort, and well being. A Reiki student can also treat others and everything in his/her surrounding environment. A healing practice can also take another step into the formal offering of Reiki treatments in a clinical setting.

Personal Development
The practice of Reiki touches and nourishes the core of being and encourages the student along the path of human unfolding. It can begin with something as simple as becoming more sensitive to what the body needs nutritionally and progress through uncovering and healing repressed emotional trauma, awakening to personal innate gifts, deepening the capacity for nourishing relationship, or finding and developing work that is the truest expression of the student’s authentic self.

Spiritual Discipline
This aspect of the practice addresses the process of spiritual growth and development. Beyond the questions of individual healing, gifts and self-expression is the question of our meaning and purpose as human beings. What ultimately brings happiness and fulfillment? These are the questions addressed by all the world’s religions, philosophies, and spiritual traditions. The practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho allows the student to have experiences of spirit that guide each to his/her own spiritual understanding.

Mystic Order
A group of people who share a common practice that brings them in relation to reality beyond the realm of the five senses is considered a mystic order. Though the practice of Reiki employs the sense of touch, the quality of that touch can take us into the realm of union and communion with self, others, and the essence of life. Students experience directly through practice the interconnectedness of being and awaken to the experience of a much greater reality beyond what is known.


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