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July 18, 2013


Many months ago, a friend connected me to a TED talk about conscious listening.  Every since then, I am incorporating this more and more in my work with groups....and espeically in my life!

The man who is speaking passionately of conscious listening is Julian Treasure!  What a name!  And I have taken his advise to heart, practicing as much as I remember to!  Even more so, 

I see how our Reiki practice naturally opens our ears and hearts to hearing more and more of the messages coming to us from those around us, from within, and from our bodies.  I have used this

to allow my body to communicate what it needs and what is the message that it is communicating to me.  

Back to our Reiki of the things often said to me is......"I feel as though my life is speeding up!  Especially after taking First Degree Reiki or Second Degree or become a Master!"  I often have wondered about this phenomenon and have come to my own conclusion that Reiki has simply allowed some of the filters to dissolve, has allowed more stimulus to be heard and felt, and therefore more conscious decision making!  And of course this happens on all levels....our physical body level, our emotional body, our energetic body and our spirit.   When all these start becoming conscious ....then there are a lot of things to keep track of!

So how to work with all this stimulus?   Stop practicing Reiki?  Not a great idea!  Practice more Reiki! is my response.  Keep the flow moving and trust yourseslf to choose your way ....being congrunet to yourself, your ethics, and your path.  And practice conscious listening.  Julian Treasure advises......have 10 minutes of silnece or close to silence everyday....when best but during your daily self treatment.  This helps to "reset" your ears.  Because of all the continuous lower range sounds in our lives...we often filter out the lower range of sound.....and it is in this range that the "voice of Reiki" may be heard or our inner voice or a loved one's voice.  Taking time to be conscious about this time of resetting our ears allows us a way to respond with consciousness.  


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