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June 24, 2013

Healing in Hawaii

The moon out side my window is full and shining its glow into the rooms.  It is the summer Moon....the perfect moon in some cultures....and it reminds me of the energy of reflection.   

Reflection has been a constant state lately.  So many questions about my life, the mife of a family, and the life of the system of Reiki that I hold.  

At the end of May I traveled to Hawaii for a First Degree class, the inurnment service for my cousin Naomi, and then to Kona on the Big Island for a Masters' seminar and time with my youngeset brother.  I realized a month before I left that all of the events that were planned were going to be sources of deep healing for me....and this proved to be so.  The Frist Degree class was organized in part by a woman who had taken Reiki from Hawayo Takata in 1977....along with her borther and his wife.  They all came to the well as two daughters for each of the families.  ADding to this Reiki Ohana....were two other students of Reiki who brought their family members and friends.  It was like a physical continuation of the teachings of my master, my grandmother, and Reiki.  A beautfiul experience with deep understanding for all of us there.  

As the last days of the class were being taught, my brothers and sister arrived in Honolulu for Naomi's service.  On Sunday night, the cousins of the Furumoto family came together for dinner and time to talk with each other.  The energy was strong and I was so in bliss!  On Monday, June 3, Naomi's ashes were brought to the cemetery where our grandfather and grandmother Furumoto were, two of the sisters of the family, and her resting place.  The Service was lovely and then, in great Hawaiian tradition, we all went to lunch at one of Naomi's favorite Chinese restaurants....with her favorite dishes.  My heart was so full!  And then off to the Big Island...and time with my sister and her family, my youngest brother, and for 4 days, a gorup of masters who came from Brazil, Kazahkstan, and Australia....oh and one master from Seattle!  The seminar was strong and we all felt the strong energy of the islands.This was the physical part.....

within me, I could feel the sweetness of the family connections strengthening.....this was so healing for me.  

I went to the Ocean and prayed to the spirit of the water.....I went to the volcano and prayed to Pele the Goddess of Fire......I went to the grasslands of Waimea and gave thanks for the gift of having Hawayo Takata as my grandmother and master.  My foundation stones are getting stronger....and I am feeling so full of joy and peace....some moments, I am able only to smile.  

All the Reiki that is coming to me from around the world allows these experiences to be integrated and connected to those places of sadness and wounding.  Thank you!  

Of course, I also visited friends on both Oahu and Hawaii....and received Reiki treatments by Hand!  Wonderful  I am feeling stronger and am swimming now in Arizona to improve my muscle tone and strengthen my body.  It feels so good!

What is happening in my personal echoing in my Reiki life....and there is healing all around me.....Waht a wonderful life!  


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