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May 27, 2013

Completing the circles

This Blog starts off with my journey with Naomi, my cousin on my father's side of the family who became very close to me in the last ten years.  I am a bit sad that it took me so long to find a time and place to find out waht a remarkable person she was.  Then, very suddenly she passed away last year after some months of pain and suffering.  A trooper to the end, she was courageous and looking for her next step of life!  She had a dream that our families...the cousins, now, would someday come together in Hawaii to meet and reconcile some old famly stuff.  It is happening this week.  She is here in spirit and defintely celebrating this time with us as well.  

Since I have known of my metatasis of bone cancer, I knew that I must go through my early days and find out who I was....more accurately and to find the forgiveness for my self and others during those times.  During the completion of this circle in Hawaii with family.....this is my time to forgive the wounds of family dynamics and embrace them all for being a part, literally, of my life!  It is a great time here.....and I am here with open heart and feeling great!  

The circles of life keep opening and is a beautiful feeling.  


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