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May 18, 2013

an Inquiry from a reiki student


Alexandre Nicolau

Dear Great Master Phyllis,
I'm Alexandre, 
First of all, I'd like to wish for your fast recovery, and that the troubles you've been experiencing are but another phase of growth.
I've been a nurse for almost 14 years and a reiki practitioner for around 3.
My first years as a nurse, I worked at an oncology center, with head and throat cancer patients.
During those times watched how during the different fases of grief, many patients resorted to all matter of "healing" practioners and practices, magical, natural, spiritual, etc.
I was highly sceptical, at the time, of anything that went out of the reach of "hard science", and felt that most of those practitioners just took advantage of peoples desperation, and need for some sort of hope.
Years passed, and I became in contact with Usui Shiki Ryoho.
It matched my needs for "plausible" explanations, and some how I was imbued with the notion of doing the "right" reiki. The true form and tradition.
Being merely a channel for a higher, inteligent, form of energy.
From that stand, I used to think that other forms/practices where merely the result of ego(s).
"My Reiki is better than yours" kind of thing, the notion that us, mere humans, could "perfect" or "improve" the reiki energy, by way of adding symbols, elements, rituals, etc. etc.
I would often ask, why wasn't Reiki enough. Doens't the higher energy know what's best for us, at each given moment? Don't we recieve the amount we need, when we need, enabling changes at a pace we can process?
So why add to it?
Having friends from other forms of practice, and having experienced sharing Reiki with them, I never the less always considered Usui Shiki Ryoho to be the "true" form, and others some sort of dilluted or adulterated form.
However, in more recent times, I tend to see different practices and practitioners only as different instruments and styles of the same "music".
Different instrumenst may strike "different cords" "better", some styles may be best suited for some "occasions" than others.
Coming to recently know of your health issues first caused a reaction of "how can she get sick, if she's the Grand Master?" and made me "shake" in my beliefs.
Talking about Reiki, the word "healing" keeps being bounced around, and there you were, in the same place of many who come to Reiki to overcome disease. 
If you, after a life of practice and spiritual evolution, still "had to" go through this experience, what can we mere practiotioners really expect?
Then my focus changed. Maybe its not a question of health vs disease, but a question of going through it from another standpoint in consciousness, in knowing that there's a purpose in the experience, some how.
Hearing your recent podcasts on balancing form and essence and your posts in facebook ressonate to me as an openess/curiosity to other practices and forms of healing. My question is- how does this integrate with Usui Shiki Ryoho, and, still, why isn't Reiki enough?  
With Love




Phyllis Furumoto

Dear Alexandre, First of all, thank you for taking the time to write to me....and to be honest in your questioning. I appreciate it....and actually would love to be able to put your questions and my response on the public page.....would this be okay for you?

  (the answer was yes!)

Over the years of my practice, I have learned and experienced how complex our human body and being is ......there are many layers of being .....many bodies that we have besides the physical one....and they are all interconnected. As human beings, we also accumulate our own wounds, our challenges, and our strengths. Some say we enter this world with our own package also.....whatever one the time we become adults, anyway, we are complicated organisms.

My Master and Grandmother used to say......Reiki goes to the source. This could mean at any level and from any time/space point. When Reiki treatments seem "not to do anything" it is because in our limited human vision......Reiki is working out side of this vision. my world about a human being coming to know that he/she is a whole....complete as is entity...worthy of having a dynamic relationship with Reiki.....and with all other beings. To get there, human beings encounter the ways in which we are not able to "know" this state. Some call these times and situations....another _____ learning experience. I have learned to say.....another opportunity to heal myself and get closer to the knowing that I am matter what.


Reiki is certainly enough.....and there are many people who....because of their path......can say this without reservation. I say this without reservation.....and I can also choose to support myself in adapting other ways of healing that can help me get to the place of knowing that I am whole. Reiki brings me people and situations that allow me to heal yet another layer. My cancer is one of these opportunities. I don't feel punished or a failure.....I feel blessed. Cancer is a way of my body saying....Hey! here is something you are ready is something you forgot to look is something you can use.


Four years ago when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer....I needed to find a place inside of me that cared deeply for me. That could nurture Phyllis with thoughtfulness and with heart. And I needed to sleep for many many months and restore my body from years of flying, eating not so healthy food, and over work....totally brought on by my own needs to be be seen.....and to be heard. What I found is that my over efforts did not resolve these needs. The needs needed to be addressed on other levels inside of me.....not outside of me.


Now I see that I am down to my foundation stones of my conscious life......what stones are faulty because of my distortion? This is my exciting an archeologist! And already, this process is happening on many levels....lots of insights, lots of shifting energy, lots of release....from the Reiki that I am receiving and from my own attention. Reiki is giving me the gift of life.....of being able to see that I could live in peace within myself. Many people who represent different parts of my life are coming to me with offers of assistance....these offers are sometimes all I need to shift into a more authentic place of self.


I loved reading your train of thought through responding to the passage of time with Reiki......I have had a similar path. Now I am walking a little ahead of you.....We are all human beings......and we all must fulfill to the best of our ability our human endeavor....what is our "work" for this life? The Buddhists say to be Happy.......Others say to be loved......Reiki says to be know the peace of being whole. It is all the same....just different language and a different path.


At this time, as I ponder what it may be like to die......what I most want for myself is to walk into this with open arms and non attachment to when......I can do what my being longs for......and I can do what is possible for me to do......and I can open myself to the many levels of life.....experience them as consciously as possible. This is what is happening now. I may live another 20 years.....and may not. This is not important. What is important is how I have lived and how I feel about my living. This is my path that Reiki has given me. It is a path of courage and a path of trust. It is a path that seems so simple and creates such complex situations. As the Grand Master...I am not an expert, I am not more than any other student, I am not more than you. I am me. My place in this system is to hold for all students the form of the practice as clearly as that others may find this path as well.



With all my hope that this will bring you some peace and open questions in your for your path........Phyllis Furumoto


Alexandre Nicolau

Dear Great Master Phyllis,
Thank you for taking the time to give me such a honest, heart felt response.
I was very touched by it, and of course, you may do with my questions and your anwers as you find most appropriate .

The part where you talked about your first experience with cancer ressonated in particular.
Since about a year or so, several events in my life forced me to slow down, and went through several periods in wich all I wanted/needed to do was sleep, isolate myself.
I understand now that the "place" that attracted me to nursing, and probably, to Reiki, is a place hurt. The "need" do help others, somehow reflecting my inner needs of being taken care, nurtured, healed. 
I have now been reflecting on the suble differences between helping, interfering, and assisting.
I would frequently help in ways that ended up not respecting the other, and in all my "good will" and eagerness to be helpfull, I would interfere, or somehow end up diminishing the other, by substituting himm, or not respecting his will. It ended up being a suble way of saying "you can't do it, let me do it for you". 
So now I try to go back to the basics of what my nursing teachers taught me many years ago - to assist, to promote independence. 
At first you may need to substitute, then to support, then only to encourage and then let the other go, without attachment - the hardest part, for me .
The "goal" I've set for me has been to get out of my codependency cycle, and learning to love, nurture and appreciate Me more, and letting that be the basis for being able to relate to others in a form that does no come from "need" .
Hopefully, Reiki will help

Thank You for your time,
And, for being You

Love, Alexandre


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