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May 27, 2013

Completing the circles

Now I am in Hawaii and preparing for the service of Naomi, my cousin who died of having cancer; having a family reunion, and taking the next step for myelf.

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May 18, 2013

an Inquiry from a reiki student

I am sure that many people are asking this basic question.....How can a Reiki Master have cancer?  How can the Grand Master have cancer?  

This facebook entry and my response has begun a lovely conversation that is continuing into other areas of our mutual interest.  

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May 18, 2013

Another gift of Cancer

In the beginning of April I had tests confirming a return of my breast my right leg bone.  This is the email I sent to Masters informing them about the return of a gift.  The next two or three entries will follow the story until we get to the present!  I will be more diligent in keeping this up as 4 years ago the Blog was really a lovely way to stay in touch.  



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