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February 19, 2013

Hello to my new blog!

Hello all,  It has been a full year....starting with Naomi's valient struggle to live with her cancer that was very advanced.  She died last February and the blog entry has been on this site as a placemaker.  The interesting thing is that she is so alive inside of me that I realized today that taking this off or telling you what happened was another step in my accepting her death.  She and I were the closest in age...and the two eldest daughters of our families.  Her mother and my father were siblings.  We share a lot of similar characteristics and also were not really close until the last 7-8 years.  I finally had made peace with Hawaii....the place where I went as a child and my family was always unconfortable there.  Hawaii is a beautiful place but it is also the home of many of my family's wounds.  The healing began to happen almost 14 years ago when I finally went to Hawaii determined to have my own experience of the place where so many people say it is the perfect place!  The Healing place.    

It took several trips with this determination in mind and during this time, I begin to discover the actual background of my family;  The life of Japanese immigrants who came to work in the sugar plantations, the way that those who were first born in Hawaii were determined and expected to better themselves, and the real life relationships that I had with cousins on both sides of my family.  As I grew to understand my background....where I came from in many ways, I became proud of my heritage and the fortitude of my ancestors.  I also realized that people often have a "modern" idea of Hawaii now....and that the history of Hawaii is not well known nor asked about.  

This lead me to put together a slide show about Hawayo Takata, where she came from and who she was when she traveled to Japan in the early 1930's to find Reiki.  She went to change her life, to find a way to support her children as well as healing her grief stemming from the deaths of her sisters and her husband.  She found Reiki.....and with this discovery, was able to create a new life for her family and for herself.  

The movie....Picture Bride....which can be viewed on a fairly accurate picture of my great grandparents' lives.  I imagine my grandmother coming back from Japan, having this new gift in her new First Degree students now......wanting to treat everyone!  Wanting everyone to see the benefits of Reiki!  And being rejected by some, ignored by others, and accepted because of grace or genuine interest by others.  Her life was not easy and she grew in her practice through the motto that rings down through the years to us today!  Practice, Practice, Practice.  

Only then will we know the depth and breath of the attributes of Reiki and how to work with the limitations of each human being who is being treated.  Only then will we be able to take the next step of our practice and for Reiki in general.  Only then will each of us reap the benefites of this path that came from Mikao Usui's search for the answer.  

Naomi loved Reiki.  It was my priviledge to make sure that Naomi received as much Reiki as she could want through the network of Reiki students in Hawaii.  I would like to thank all those who took part in sending or laying hands on during the last months of her life.  This was like having extensions of my own hands .....there in person.  

In June, I will go back to Hawaii for her service with the rest of our family.  She is well remembered by her public school students, by her families, and for those who met her and saw the special quality of humanity that was in her and that she gave to everyone without fail.  

Her passing created memories of my own when I was going through my cancer treatment and awaken a determination in me to live my life without restraint and with care....for myself.  So I can extend the legacy left to me through both sides of my family.......I treasure the time I had with her.  



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