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February 19, 2013

Hello to my new blog!

Catching up for the year........the journey with Naomi


Hello all,  It has been a full year....starting with Naomi's valient struggle to live with her cancer that was very advanced.  She died last February and the blog entry has been on this site as a placemaker.  The interesting thing is that she is so alive inside of me that I realized today that taking this off or telling you what happened was another step in my accepting her death.  She and I were the closest in age...and the two eldest daughters of our families.  Her mother and my father were siblings.  We share a lot of similar characteristics and also were not really close until the last 7-8 years.  I finally had made peace with Hawaii....the place where I went as a child and my family was always unconfortable there.  Hawaii is a beautiful place but it is also the home of many of my family's wounds.  The healing began to happen almost 14 years ago when I finally went to Hawaii determined to have my own experience of the place where so many people say it is the perfect place!  The Healing place.    


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