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January 17, 2012

Good News

Dear Reiki Friends,

Good news. yesterday Naomi was a bit grumpy and up and walking a bit. Today she was released from the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and into a regular room. She is being offered solid food...which means that her digestive system is more or less up and running.

Tough news. Tomorrow she is going to start on her course of chemo. I don't know what the regularity will be and so on. But you know that this will not be pleasant!

Reiki News: She is receiving....or has been receiving two hands-on-treatments a day for the last three days. Wonderful..and many distant treatments from all a good steady flow of Reiki. Have you noticed a shift in the energy? I sure have!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

The ticket I have for the 1st of February is burning in my hand. Can't wait to go over!

with gratitude for you all...and all those sending,



Quisiera contactarme con Phyllis FURUMOTO. Yo me llamo Cecilia tengo 13 años de Reiki, 2 do nivel y quisiera crecer en el reiki. Mi maestra fue Gloria López (fallecida). me gustaría mantener una entrevista. No pude entender casi nada el 7 de Octubre en el Seminario en Bs. As. Argentina., soy hipoacúsica. y no había buen a acústica.

By Cecilia Edith GUINSBURG on October 11, 2012

Great new Website!  I’m missing our connection.  This site will help.  Still healing from our auto accident in February, just little twinges though now, compared to being totally immobile!  Hope to cross paths sooner than later, Love, Penny

By Penny Devine on November 6, 2012


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