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January 14, 2012

A Close Call

This is a photo of a birthday party on Kauai last November. The woman on the far left is Naomi, my cousin. A few weeks after this photo was taken, she found out that she had a tumor in her abdomen. Three days ago she had surgery and the operation was good but not complete. The surgeon could not clear all the cancerous material out of her was closing the small and large intestine (a laywomen's description). Now she needs to have a clear digestive system in order for her to start chemo therapy. She has not eaten solid food for almost a month....they haev her on a drip system now....just "sugar water." She is also having trouble breathing.

She responds well to Reiki and is open to receiving it. I have a ticket for Feb 1 but I may fly over before this. I don't know if I can wait. She and her brother and his wife have become very close to me over the last 8 years....and she is just about ready to retire...and be free. I so want her to have this chance!

If you feel moved to send her Reiki....I would appreciate it! Her name is Naomi Nishida...and she is in a Honolulu hospital.
I had a wonderful time visiting Los Angeles and two of my old friends from before Reiki....almost 40 years ago! Where does time go? We sent to a fabulous Christmas concert and out to great restaurants...especially a great dim sum (chinese) place! Then I came home. We had some of my family visiting from the week before Christmas, the news about Naomi was starting to shake me, I was getting my little villa ready for the renters who arrived on January 1, and keeping up with the activities of the well as getting the 2012 schedule ready. Whew!

I went to my surgeon two days ago for my check up and have graduated to seeing her in one year! So things are going far as I know. I am still, of course, under the care of the Nathropathic Oncologist...and taking lots of pills. My memory seems to be lagging behind in the recovery I am going to ask to take zinc or something to help this!

I threw my annutal I Ching reading for this year. I felt the energy of this year as a breakthrough year.....I have been open to receiving news about my next work and I feel as though it is close. So I threw the coins. I had hexagram 3 changing to 63. I feel that it is right on! I love doing this.....and often if I look at former years....the hexagrams form a pattern.

One of the things I am going to pursue this year is a way for me to have seminars and events over the internet....and am starting to out line the project. I have a new friend who is going to help me get this together! Sooooo exciting.

Okay....back to tomorrow....I will be sending lots of Reiki to Naomi...and will go to church...and then spend the afternoon with my mother. A good Sunday.

with gratitude for everything I have received.

As for me! The last three weeks have been full!!!! Lots of lovely Holiday experiences.....


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With kind regards,

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