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July 18, 2013


Many months ago, a friend connected me to a TED talk about conscious listening.  Every since then, I am incorporating this more and more in my work with groups....and espeically in my life!

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June 24, 2013

Healing in Hawaii

Amazing connections in Hawaii give closure, healing, and connection. 

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May 27, 2013

Completing the circles

Now I am in Hawaii and preparing for the service of Naomi, my cousin who died of having cancer; having a family reunion, and taking the next step for myelf.

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May 18, 2013

an Inquiry from a reiki student

I am sure that many people are asking this basic question.....How can a Reiki Master have cancer?  How can the Grand Master have cancer?  

This facebook entry and my response has begun a lovely conversation that is continuing into other areas of our mutual interest.  

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May 18, 2013

Another gift of Cancer

In the beginning of April I had tests confirming a return of my breast my right leg bone.  This is the email I sent to Masters informing them about the return of a gift.  The next two or three entries will follow the story until we get to the present!  I will be more diligent in keeping this up as 4 years ago the Blog was really a lovely way to stay in touch.  



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February 19, 2013

Hello to my new blog!

Catching up for the year........the journey with Naomi


Hello all,  It has been a full year....starting with Naomi's valient struggle to live with her cancer that was very advanced.  She died last February and the blog entry has been on this site as a placemaker.  The interesting thing is that she is so alive inside of me that I realized today that taking this off or telling you what happened was another step in my accepting her death.  She and I were the closest in age...and the two eldest daughters of our families.  Her mother and my father were siblings.  We share a lot of similar characteristics and also were not really close until the last 7-8 years.  I finally had made peace with Hawaii....the place where I went as a child and my family was always unconfortable there.  Hawaii is a beautiful place but it is also the home of many of my family's wounds.  The healing began to happen almost 14 years ago when I finally went to Hawaii determined to have my own experience of the place where so many people say it is the perfect place!  The Healing place.    


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January 17, 2012

Good News

Dear Reiki Friends,

Good news. yesterday Naomi was a bit grumpy and up and walking a bit. Today she was released from the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and into a regular room. She is being offered solid food...which means that her digestive system is more or less up and running.

Tough news. Tomorrow she is going to start on her course of chemo. I don't know what the regularity will be and so on. But you know that this will not be pleasant!

Reiki News: She is receiving....or has been receiving two hands-on-treatments a day for the last three days. Wonderful..and many distant treatments from all a good steady flow of Reiki. Have you noticed a shift in the energy? I sure have!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

The ticket I have for the 1st of February is burning in my hand. Can't wait to go over!

with gratitude for you all...and all those sending,


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January 14, 2012

A Close Call

This is a photo of a birthday party on Kauai last November. The woman on the far left is Naomi, my cousin. A few weeks after this photo was taken, she found out that she had a tumor in her abdomen. Three days ago she had surgery and the operation was good but not complete. The surgeon could not clear all the cancerous material out of her was closing the small and large intestine (a laywomen's description). Now she needs to have a clear digestive system in order for her to start chemo therapy. She has not eaten solid food for almost a month....they haev her on a drip system now....just "sugar water." She is also having trouble breathing.

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