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March 8, 2012

The Gift: Nourishing Our Awakening

My conviction is that Reiki supports and nourishes the unfolding of the perfection of our humanity. This has been my experience from practicing for over thirty years and observing a worldwide community of people who practice Reiki.

In addition, it just seems logical. The gift we receive in learning Reiki is an at-will conscious connection with the energy of life. My faith in life is that it knows what it is doing and always moves toward health and wholeness given the available energy. Because we are able to tap into the source of life and strengthen and enhance our capacity for connection at any moment through our daily practice, we will always be moving toward our ultimate unfolding.

This doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot of work to do; human life is a partnership with transcendence. We seem to have unlimited creativity for going out of balance and being distracted from our quest for goodness, fulfillment, and true happiness. We are blessed to have a healing practice literally in our hands to help us get back on track.

What is this elusive “track” that we humans hope to be on?

I like what Thomas Moore has to say in his book Care of the Soul. “The soul needs an articulated world view, a carefully worked out scheme of values, and a sense of relatedness to the whole. It needs a mythology of immortality and an attitude toward death.”

I like to refer to this as the Big Story, the story we might want to tell our grandchildren that would give their lives a context and answer all the big questions like: Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is it all about?

Reiki brings us a profound connection with transcendence, a sense of relatedness to the whole, and a window into who and what we really are. What is our story that gives us an ultimate context for our lives and thereby helps us find our true path? This is all worth thinking/feeling about, sharing, and exploring communally. If we don’t give this some serious thought, we are subject to the “wisdom” of popular culture, and that is not enough.

Hawayo Takata always said that Reiki will teach us. Let’s pay attention and see what that teaching is and where it may be taking us.


Thanks, so true, Love this new website! Hope we will meet again. Nana

By Nana Deleplanque on October 12, 2012

Love the new website!  Thank you for all you do.  Penny

By Penny Devine on November 6, 2012


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