Reiki and Spirituality

One of the amazing things I love about the Reiki community is that we share an experience of healing, a hunger for healing, and a commitment to healing. We share a common doorway to the spiritual, and yet how we hold and understand our experience can be so different.


Principles and Freedom

The concept of freedom raises interesting questions. How free are we really?


Heart/Mind Connection: Finding Right Relationship

I remember how touched I was in 1997 when I first read the translation of the eulogy on Dr. Usui’s memorial stone. The text, talking about the Reiki method, says: “Its true purpose is to correct the heart/mind, keep the body fit, and live a happy life using the spiritual capabilities human beings were endowed with since birth.” My intuitive response to whether my heart/mind needed correcting was, yes. But what did that mean?


The Wounded Healer

There are a number of books in my library that I have not read. I bought them because I was captured by the title. I have not read some of them because the titles are so clear that just living with the books has taught me many things. One of these is The Wounded Healer.


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