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Our world wide community is growing due to the nature of Reiki, to the excitement of people connecting through practicing Reiki, and through our networking possibilities on the internet.
 Phyllis’ Blog is a weekly update on what is happening in her life, her travels, and her adventure with cancer.
 Paul’s Blog is topical: The Daily Practice of Reiki—The Promise and Potential.

Get involved in some good discussion about the daily practice!
The OGM newsletter is published each quarter here.
Articles are available for reading, for use with small groups for discussion, and for a spring board to conversations. Please honor our copyright by acknowledging the authorship of each article.
Resources: Not only Reiki connections but other networks that serve specific groups of people within our world wide community and our encompassing practice.
The Reiki Association of UK
UK Reiki Federation
Reiki Australia
Regenesis Group

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